Meet Sarah

Sarah L. Dickey is a lover of life. Her enchantment with words began as a young girl, and she has continued to cultivate this devotion into adulthood.

Throughout her life she has passionately pursued various paths of personal growth and professional development.

Whether it’s behind the lens of her camera, teaching a yoga class, blogging about life, or designing new possibilities to share her light with the world, Sarah has a deep passion for making the most of her unique strengths while showing others how to do the same.

In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you. — Buddha

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Sweetly Seeking by Sarah L. Dickey

Sweetly Seeking Book Cover
Sweetly Seeking Book Back Cover

It’s easy to be consumed with all the aspects of your daily life, as you enjoy all those things that bring you peace, fulfillment and prosperity.

But what if you were to suspend all of them, if only for a brief time, and let Sweetly Seeking take you to an unexplored place?

You will see a fresh perspective of yourself and the life you lead, as you:

  • Embrace your creativity
  • Re-invent your view of the world
  • Open your heart and mind to all that life has to offer

Every passage is presented with a kaleidoscope of stunning colors, stirring designs and thought provoking images that reinforce each message.

Sweetly Seeking has literally been a labor of love. My heart was soaring as the words poured out, as if being divinely guided.

Your own divine guidance can reveal itself too.

That’s the mission of Sweetly Seeking: to help you unlock your unique gifts, desires and zest for life.

There will be passages in this book, which, as you read them, you will feel that they are speaking directly to you.

Go with it. Let the words envelop you, knowing with full certainty that you are in a loving place with limitless potential.

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Ode to Love by Sarah L. Dickey

Ode to Love: A Journey of Awakening is a subtle reminder that we are here to live outside of old constructs and outdated beliefs.

You will discover:

  • 144-page book of prose poetry
  • Beautiful black and white photography
  • An inspirational journey of awakening

Each page of this book becomes an invitation to live from a space of courage and creativity. Ultimately, it reminds us that we all have the capacity to become an instrument of love.

Love is sometimes a messy and censored experience, and yet its power is infinite, with far reaching implications on multiple levels in our daily lives.

You will begin to recognize this as you turn the pages of this inspiring, uplifting and transformational book.

Start imagining what you will do with your life when you have these new awarenesses running through you.

kombucha bottle

Synergy Kombucha

Here at Cool Creative Press, we are so excited to share that our words of inspiration are making their way out into the world. Founder and Fierce Creative, Sarah Dickey, submitted a quote from Ode to Love — “Rest in the simplicity of being you” — to Synergy Kombucha of Beverly Hills, California.

Her request was met with roaring acceptance as well as placement on her favorite synergy flavor, Strawberry Serenity. This fierce creative is grateful for all the ways in which Ode to Love is connecting with a larger audience!

Retail Locations

Ode to Love is available at the following Ohio Hallmark stores:
  • Avery Retail Center (Dublin)
  • Avon Commons
  • County Fair Shopping Center (Zanesville)
  • Easton Retail Center (Columbus)
  • Eastwood Mall 360 (Niles)
  • Georgesville Square (Columbus)
  • Great Northern Shopping Center (North Olmsted)
  • The Greens of Strongsville
  • Pleasant Valley Shopping Center (Parma)
  • Polaris Commons (Columbus)
  • Richland Mall (Mansfield)
  • Sandusky Mall
  • Shops at Boardman Park
  • Taylor Square (Reynoldsburg)
  • Vintage Love Store (Avon)
Ode to Love is also available at these locations:
  • Red Lotus Holistic Wellness Center (Canfield, Ohio)
  • SMARTS downtown Youngstown, Ohio
  • Advanced Skin Spa (Poland, Ohio)
  • 1820’s House (East Palestine, Ohio)
  • Grey Botique (Boardman, Ohio)
  • Orange Avocado (Boardman, Ohio)
  • Studio Oxygen Yoga (Canfield, Ohio)