A New Year of Building, Mastering and Accomplishing


Happy New Year, Beauty Hearts!
We have crossed the threshold and find ourselves walking into a whole new territory.  In a numerological sense, 2020 invites us into the energy of the number four (2020 = 2+2= 4). The number four is believed to contain the themes of building new foundations, of mastering new ways of being, and of accomplishing.

I sit at my computer wrapped in my robe with a fresh cup of coffee pondering these themes in my own life.  I love the ritual of pulling oracle or tarot cards at the beginning of a New Year and this morning, I found myself pulled to my tarot deck. I shuffled and sat with my Rider Waite deck asking to be shown a theme for the year ahead. The card I pulled was the 8 of Cups.

Over the past several years I have been taking online courses from Lindsey Mack, founder of Tarot for the Wild Soul. Her soul knowledge and intuition have been a wonderful gift to increase my intuition and ‘inner knowing,’ as my wellness community would say.

As I gaze into this card, there is an image of a man walking away from the 8 of Cups towards the mountains. As I reflect on the teachings from Lindsey, the Cups are ruled by the water element and remind us of our deep personal walk with love. This is not a romantic love, rather a deep love of our lives.  The man in the 8 of Cups calls us to fall in love with our lives. It reminds us that love has been with us the whole while. We must be what we are looking for in the world.

Perhaps we had been walking towards a life we thought we wanted, as the man in the card had done, only to find that it is no longer what we want. And in this card, we are reminded that it is possibly one of our most profound spiritual teachings; to walk away, to take a leap and trust that something even greater is in store for us. This card reminds us that this leap often invites us to trust our feels even more than what we can see. The moon shines in the card to remind us of our innate intuition.

So, my beautiful friends. I feel this rich invitation in my personal and professional life as this new decade streams through my office windows. As I open my eyes in a new way, the customs and alignments that I thought I wanted, seem to have lost their luster. I hear life calling out in a new way. Each day, living into a mystery of the soul. Each day, loving myself more. Intentionally building a home and life that I love.

This year feels like an expansive year to look deeper at our resistances to life. To walk forward with our hearts so wide open. To trust our inner knowing and create a life that we love in this present moment. There is a treasure chest of joy waiting for us to open it.

Much love,

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