A Season of Questions

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As we move into the heat of the summer in the western hemisphere, we are greeted by all kinds of intensities.  Whether it is the heat of the sun or the heat of our internal processes, this is a time of invitation.  A place of deeper inquiry.  A dear friend and spiritual teacher Lorraine posed these very notions in a recent conversation we had.  “Sarah, we have important questions to live as we move through the summer,” she said.

At Cool Creative Press, we are wild about questions.  Questions cause us to continually re-define our relationships both internally and externally.  Questions allow us to realign with the heart of the matter.  Questioning allows us to get our hands dirty and dive into a deeper reality than what we see on the surface.  Questions don’t necessarily arrive in a neat little box.  They usually require that we rip into them with tenacity and willingness.

At CCP we are keen on asking those questions that make us wiggle a little bit with discomfort.  Why, you may ask?  Because it is our mindset that these are the very questions that cause us to grow, to change, and to respond out of aliveness rather than habit.   To wake up our limbs of compassion and author our tales of greatness.

Just think about it for a moment.  In our day-to-day living, isn’t it easy to put our questions on autopilot and simply ask, “How are you?”  When we do this, are we really curious or do we ask out of habit?  No judgment here my friends, just curiosity.  I find myself asking out of habit and politeness sometimes, do you?

A beautiful poet gives us another stance of questioning that begs to travel beneath the surface of life and really touch the tenderness of our journey.  Nayyirah Waheed offers, “Things, that should be asked often, in every type of relationship:
how is your heart.
is your breath happy.
do you feel free.”

In the heat of summer, let’s move behind the doors of our hearts into the coolness of our spirits and ask some thoughtful, deep questions.  Ask these questions in our relationships. Both with ourselves and with others.

Lorraine closed our call with this question: “What is it that I used to believe in that I don’t believe in anymore?”  Now, there’s a zinger to leave you with.  Don’t forget, we are all answering this question on a continual basis!

Enjoy the journey, my dear friends!
Choose to live a fierce life!

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