Advice to My Younger Self

younger self


“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”
~Wayne Dyer

A friend of mine recently sent a link to a blog post that spoke about the advice we might offer to our younger selves.  I love this notion, as I believe we always have new nuggets of wisdom to live by!  We find the wellspring of insight, and then hopefully we have the courage to animate it in our lives.

There’s no stepping back into the timeline of our lives, but there is the ability to thoughtfully settle into self-reflection and realize our growth.  

As I peer back into my life, here’s some advice I would offer to my younger self.

~Live with your whole heart.  Not just a tiny sliver of it, but your whole heart. 
~Be less concerned with what others think of you.  Be more concerned with what you think of yourself. 
~Connect more with nature.
~Don’t hold back the love in your heart.  If you love someone, tell them. 
~Really listen when others are sharing.
~Set boundaries and know that this is self-care. 
~Honor your body, don’t deprive it or shame it.  Love this vessel that carries you on this Earth!
~Allow your sense of worth to be determined by YOU.
~Respect that everyone has their own journey in this cosmic play of life.
~Be less offended by others responses and more interested in your reaction to them.  What does your reaction reveal to you? Honor that this might be a space of invitation, an invitation to grow. 
~Perceive life as being wholeheartedly in your favor. 
~Be kind.  Kind to yourself.  Kind to your neighbor.  Kind to whomever you encounter. 
~Breath.  Don’t hold your breath.  Life wants to move through you.
~Move your body. 
~Wander into adventures.  Get lost.  Get found.  See old spaces with new eyes. 
~Trust yourself.  Trust the wise woman/man inside.  You were born with intuition; honor yourself. 
~Practice gratitude on a daily basis. 
~Follow your heart.  Not what others think you should do or be.  Keep growing the container of your experiences.  
~Love.  Let it stop and start with this sentiment. 

Here at CCP, we are all interested in living from an elevated perspective and sharing stories of awareness and transformation.  We want to know where along your path you have changed the way you look at things.  How does this shift alter the story you are currently sharing with the world?  What advice would you offer to your younger self?  Feel free to leave a reply in the comment section below.
We’d love to hear from you!

Keep Choosing Fierceness, Friends,
Much Love,

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