Alignment to your Best Self

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Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
~Oscar Wilde

As Cool Creative Press grows in its beginnings, I think the above quote from Oscar Wilde becomes a foundational brick in the mortar of our story.  It invites us all to peer into our lives with the notion that there is only one you. Each of us is unique. Cool Creative Press grew from the belief that there is a one-of-a-kind story unfolding in each of our lives.  From this perception, one of our goals is to connect storytellers and create a community that supports one another in this unfolding.  Choosing fierceness means stepping into the ‘Ideal Self’ (who we want to be, the highest version of ourselves).  It is here that we stride into our desires, not the desires of those around us. 

Maybe your life is full of noise from the external world.  Maybe all you can hear are other’s expectations of what your life should look like.  Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with what others expect from you. 

The question that might arise from this stance with life is:
“If I weren’t operating on what someone else wants for me, what would I want for myself?

Think of your wants like fuel on a fire.  Your wants are going to accelerate your progress along your path.  If you don’t know what you want, how are you going to move toward your goals? 

I think back to my Transpersonal Coaching class with my dear friend and teacher, Michael Malone, who introduced the concept of our ‘Ideal Self.’  He partnered up the ideal self with two other selves.

1. Ideal Self—Person you want to be.  Ultimately the goal.
2. Self -Image—Person you think you are.
3. Self -Esteem—How you feel about yourself.  This can often times create a discrepancy between your ideal self and your self -image.

Think of the ‘Ideal Self’ as embodying all of the most positive aspects of yourself and putting them into practice.  It’s like putting on the superhero cape and trusting that you’ll be able to charge forward on your path. And saying to yourself. “I’ve got this!”  The ‘Ideal Self’ isn’t concerned with the expectations of others, rather this self trusts that it can and will meet the goals it has established for itself. 

I use this concept in my own life as I continually unfold the dreams in my heart.  I desire to live from a place of personal expectancy, rather than external expectation.  What does this look like on a daily basis?  Perhaps it is clearly defining my goals according to my value system.  Maybe it is asking questions that keep me in integrity with my desires.  Maybe it is taking a deep breath and re-centering.  And just maybe it is having the mindset of saying a hearty YES to the opportunities that support my vision, and a hearty NO to ones that don’t support.  I want to close my eyes at the end of the day and know that I have stepped into the best version of myself.  How about you?

I envision a community of like- minded individuals who are all striving to be the best version of their ‘Ideal Self.’  Do you have a community in your life that is supporting you and encouraging you to live your internal wisdom to life?

A question I’ll leave you with, comes from my dear teacher Michael. “Do you want to be who you are?”  And if you don’t, perhaps that is a rich path to begin exploring, my friends.  Don’t bog yourself down with self-judgment, rather muster your curiosity and begin there.  It is our belief at CCP that we all have the ability to live a fierce life that is in the fabric of our WANTS, that is our consistent goal.  What are your consistent WANTS? 

Keep Choosing Fierceness Friends!
Much Love,

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