Attention…It’s About Your Intention!


“Often one goes for one thing and finds another.”

-Neem Karoli Baba

Life offers us remarkable tour guides as we journey down our paths.  As we step our foot on the path we can often do so not even realizing the magic awaiting us.  Possibilities bloom under our feet.  Chance meetings change the landscape of our lives.  Opportunities whisper our names.  Mysterious visitors guide us through the marvels of living.  Sometimes we experience an incredible loss that fuels a deep sense of flexibility within our belief systems and mindsets.  Or perhaps joy accompanies us in the most articulate ways so that we can fully embody this magnificence in our lives.  I have found life to be a mysterious wellspring of opportunities.  Most often life beckons that we simply trust and say YES.

Saying YES requires one to live in a fearless present moment state.  Suspended in possibilities and open to miracles.  Saying YES asks us to flex our trusting muscles!  Saying YES garners our ability to focus all of our amazing attention toward our desires.   In the Yogic practice, one of the 8 branches of Yoga is ‘Dharana,’ which is ultimately the proficiency of one’s attention and intention.  Deepak Chopra says, “Whatever you place your attention on grows in importance to you.”  What are you currently placing your attention on in your life?  Is your intention carrying your toward those YES moments in your life?

So my friends, here at CCP we are focusing our attention on creating a movement of amazing inspired writers.  Initially, I began this journey simply wanting to publish a book, and then came out on the other side desiring to create a company that facilitates other authors dreams.  Are you a fellow writer who has been dreaming of this path?

When we say YES and collect our attention toward our intention, life begins to shift.  We begin attracting experiences, individuals, and moments that support the fulfillment of our desired passions.  Do you agree?

I would invite you to peer into your own life and begin to notice how you have stepped onto the path with one intention, and then notice how life has shifted or offered you a plot twist?  Life requires that we roll with the punches, that we acknowledge the tender acts of living, that we honor with compassion where our feet are currently planted.

The magic lies in aligning our attention with our intention.  Step onto the path and be willing to be transformed, stripped down, supported by grace, and enamored with love.  Say a hearty YES to life.  Let us know below how you are marrying your attention and intention in 2018?  We want to hear about your successes and plot twists!

Cheers to the journey of living!

Make your life an Ode to Love,


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