About the Author

Sarah DickeySarah L. Dickey is a lover of life. Her enchantment with words began as a young girl, and she has continued to cultivate this devotion into adulthood. Throughout her life she has passionately pursued various paths of personal growth and professional development. Seeing the world through a spiritual lens is in the fabric of her being. Sarah has been a heart centered hypnotherapist, transpersonal coach, and yoga instructor.

In 2016 she began working on her first book, Ode to Love. Sarah says the book arrived as a beautiful offering, showing up and quietly rousing to be written. There was no insisting, rather a flow of inspiration that found its way onto the page.

From this experience, she decided to launch Cool Creative Press, which stems from a genuine intention to serve. It’s a springboard of opportunity for other writers who have been visioning creative works and would like to share them with the world. As founder of Cool Creative Press, Sarah hopes to inspire authentic truths of living through the written word, those of her own as well as others.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Youngstown State University and a master’s degree in education from Malone University. When not involved in her new publishing venture, you’ll often find Sarah behind the lens of her camera, teaching a yoga class, blogging about life, or designing other possibilities to share her light with the world.