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Sarah Dickey

I had the amazing fortune of attending the 2019 International Conference for APPPAH (Association of Pre & Perinatal Psychology) in Denver, Colorado, last week.  Over 27 countries were represented and the whole focus was about bringing consciousness to conception.  It catapulted my heart through a myriad of emotions; gratitude, grief, and grace. 

I first heard of this work in a Transpersonal Coaching class a few years ago.  In my class, Dr. William Emerson from California talked about the re-capitulation of our birth stories.  In short, often the means of our birth indicates many of the ways that we show up in our lives. (And please don’t fret if you don’t know your story).  I am blessed to have both of my parents to gather the details of my birth. I was born on a cold snowy evening in December.  My parents were remodeling the kitchen when my mom’s water broke.  She had a hard labor and eventually ended up needing a C-section. There’s so much for me to explore in my birth story.


I joined APPPAH and read through their empirically based research on pre & perinatal trauma.  It felt like a gift was being continuously unwrapped.  I experienced my heart jumping for joy.  You see, my friends, in my experience, I’ll call it ‘Spirit’ (name whatever higher power, or energy you subscribe to) orchestrates the happenings of my life in the most divine ways.  I just need to get out of the way! This divine hook up came a few months ago in my inbox.  I saw that they were having an international conference in Denver and without hesitation I knew I needed to attend.  Without delay I registered. Do you ever have those moments in your life?

And that has been one of the most powerful teachings my heart has ever received.  I am still sitting with all of the awesomeness of presentations, amazing people carrying this work into the world, and the profound question, “What is my role in this brilliant work going to be?

An element that stands out for me is contained within the story of our lives.  Stories have always mattered to me.  The stories we tell ourselves.  The narratives we build our lives from.  The ways in which we make our stories accessible to others as healing tools.  One of the phenomenal presenters was Michael Trout, Director of The Infant-Parent Institute, Inc. in Illinois.  He presented on uncovering and rebuilding prenatal and infant narratives.  The case study of Rudy who was born in the prison system left not a dry eye in the house.

From Michaels sharing, he opened up the conversation around the impact of our narratives; which he defined as the self-told stories- “the internal working models-we all work out about who we are, where we came from, what we’re capable of….”  These stories come from our cultural narratives, our ancestral narratives, as well as global narratives.  It all comes into play as we construct these internal working models. 

Sarah Dickey

Here at CCP, we are interested in the stories of our lives.  How is the life you are living in alignment with the life you long to live?  In my podcast, “Sweetly Speaking: Authoring a Fierce Life,” I’m interested in how souls are living their lives.  I want to know about the heartbreak and fear as much as I want to know about the love and fierceness. 

Thank goodness for epigenetics, which in essence says that we can turn on a gene and turn off a gene.  So, friends, if we can turn on fear, don’t you know we also have the capacity to turn on joy!  This blows my mind and makes my heart so happy!

The gift to my heart and hopefully yours is to trust the timing of your life.  Uncover as many facts about your life and be willing to evolve and grow the narrative that is your life.  Get uncomfortable.  Ask for help. Be curious. 

I don’t know what comes next, but I know that I have discovered a new way of wanting to relate with the world.  Thank you, sweet friends, for your flexibility as our mission and direction at Cool Creative Press continues to evolve. 

May you be blessed!

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