Seasons Book Cover

31 Heart Offerings

Nature continually offers us her mesmerizing, resilient grace. Sarah L. Dickey invites you to walk through the symbolic seasons of life. These thirty-one poems offer the reflection of winter, the opportunities of spring, the fierce heat of summer, and the sweet letting go of fall.

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Sweetly Seeking
Living an Inspired Life

Sweetly Seeking Book Cover

It’s easy to be consumed with all the aspects of your daily life, as you enjoy all those things that bring you peace, fulfillment and prosperity.

But what if you were to suspend all of them, if only for a brief time, and let Sweetly Seeking take you to an unexplored place?

You will see a fresh perspective of yourself and the life you lead, as you:

  • Embrace your creativity
  • Re-invent your view of the world
  • Open your heart and mind to all that life has to offer

Every passage is presented with a kaleidoscope of stunning colors, stirring designs and thought provoking images that reinforce each message.

Sweetly Seeking has literally been a labor of love. My heart was soaring as the words poured out, as if being divinely guided.

Your own divine guidance can reveal itself too.

That’s the mission of Sweetly Seeking: to help you unlock your unique gifts, desires and zest for life.

There will be passages in this book, which, as you read them, you will feel that they are speaking directly to you.

Go with it. Let the words envelop you, knowing with full certainty that you are in a loving place with limitless potential.

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Ode to Love
A Journey of Awakening

Ode To Love Book Cover

Ode to Love: A Journey of Awakening by Sarah L. Dickey is a prose poem accompanied by an array of images that inspire readers to view their inner and outer worlds with awe and wonder.

We live in stressful times, and all too often our default is to just accept the world as it is, carrying with us the regrets and guilt of our past, while worrying about an uncertain future.

Meanwhile, the anxiety piles up, creating self imposed barriers to true happiness, and we’re left struggling physically, spiritually and emotionally, creating a vicious cycle.

  • What if you took a step back and started to live in the present?
  • What if you embraced your true self and all that your uniqueness brings to the world?
  • What if you lived your life with a deeper sense of perpetual gratitude and love?

Each page of this 144-page book becomes an invitation to live from a space of courage and creativity.

It reaches into our dreams, touches our sorrows, and rides the waves of happiness in our lives.

From the moment you open the book you are whisked away to a place of inspiration, where you are invited to let go of your struggles and immerse yourself in the unlimited power and energy of love.

Ultimately, it reminds us that we all have the capacity to become an instrument of love. If we live our lives in this way on a more consistent basis, we see that we have a choice before us.  We can choose to stay asleep, or we can awaken the force of love and spread that out in our daily lives.

As this happens, perhaps you can begin to appreciate the subtleties of each moment.  Each moment anchoring you in the here and now.

This is when we transcend stress and anxiety, when we are not reaching or grasping, rather ushering in the deep, lasting benefits of a thoughtful loving awareness.

Ode to Love is a foundational book for living an awake and aware life, and is a breath of fresh air in our ever changing and challenging world.

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