Branding YOU!


And now we welcome the new year.  Full of things that have never been.”

~Ranier Maria Rilke

As we move into edges of January 2018, we are continually encouraged to occupy spaces of possibilities and uniqueness.  This new year is inherently stocked with potential.  We hold within our hearts and hands the fortune of kismet.  Here at CCP we are interested in the day-to-day adventures of living.  We want to know what makes you feel exceptional as well as those tender moments of life that bring you to your knees.  We want to know how you identify yourself in the world at large.  Who are you being?  How is life helping you to define your legacy?  How are you evolving the brand of your life?

As a society, we hold numerous titles because of our chosen career paths; inventors, teachers, entrepreneurs, artists, doctors, students, etc.  These titles animate our propensity for success because we become experts in our respective fields.  We become hungry to make a difference, to think more creatively, to work smarter not harder, and to create a legacy.  One of the legacy’s I am cultivating is that of ‘inspiring the world’ through my writing.  It is my belief that this is a ‘part’ of my legacy. What is your legacy?

I was recently re-reading an issue of Entrepreneur magazine from 2016, which got my brain and heart charged up about the concept of branding.  Even if you’re not a business owner, I think the concept of branding still applies to our day-to-day lives.  We are all entrepreneurs on this journey called life.  Can you see the connection?  You are at the helm of the company called YOU!  YOU chart the course of your life, the development of your passions, the duration of your success, the investment of your time.  As poet Mary Oliver so beautifully stated, “What do you plan to do with this one wild and precious life?”

In the opening section of the Entrepreneur’s editor’s note, Amy Cosper begins prodding around the notion that most business owners have an ‘intrinsic‘ idea for their company, but then struggle to share this idea with others.  Imagine that you adore oil paintings and travel frequently to the museum, but you haven’t developed your own artistic talents through lessons or classes.  You are a great art enthusiast, but you lack the vocabulary to express the translation of the particular style and genre.  You ‘feel’ the greatness, but you haven’t the words to convey the accuracy of the information.  The ability to translate your idea lies in your ability to brand your business.   According to Amy, “Your brand is your story, and if you can’t tell it, then nobody will get it.”

This concept of branding becomes a parallel for our day to day living.  We are sharing our ‘story’ with every decision we make, every turn we choose, every door we close, every adventure we say yes to.  Every day we wake up to a blank page in the story of our lives.  We have the ability to ‘brand’ our lives on a continual basis.

Here are just a few questions to get you clear about YOUR brand:

  1. What’s unique about YOU? (Make this list amazing!)
  2. What makes you excited to wake up every day?
  3. What’s special about the way YOU interact with the world. (Do you inspire others through your kindness, passion, knowledge, etc.?)
  4. What are your personal interests? (What do you LOVE to do?)
  5. How do YOU nurture yourself? (How do you show yourself ‘care’?)
  6. What do you want your legacy to be? (How do you want to be remembered?)

As Cool Creative Press continues to evolve, it becomes imperative to begin answering these questions.  Creating a culture and climate for change is at the forefront of our vision.  In order to maintain a legacy that outlives us, we need to be intentional and purposeful.  How will you create this vision in your life?  What is your ever-evolving brand?

Let us know by leaving a comment. We want to hear your story!

Choosing Fierceness,


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