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Today we are talking about “Brewing Change” with Boardman native, Josh Langenheim.  At Stone Fruit Coffee, they source it, they roast it, they grind it and they brew it! This energetic individual shares how his hobby got wildly out of control and how he built a successful coffee shop culture that is dedicated to welcoming everyone.  From entrepreneurship advice to talking fears, this Chief Coffee Meister shares wisdom, legacy and how you have to think small to get big.  If you are in need of a little change in your life, stay tuned to be inspired!  And don’t forget to grab your cup of StoneFruit coffee!

Guest Name: Josh Langenheim, Chief Coffee Meister
Social Media:
IG: stonefruit_coffee
Facebook: Stone Fruit Coffee Company

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  1. Great podcast! Informative, fun and motivating. Thanks for sharing!

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