Changing Your Views



“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
-Wayne Dyer

Beautiful Hearts!  Welcome to December. I find myself reflecting on this past year and as I wander back a bit in time, I pause.  Looking toward all that helped me to feel abundant, kindly inquiring about my fears, and calculating the many adventures I’ve experienced.  December has always been a cavern of reflection for me.  How about you?

I intentionally sit with myself to assess where I have grown, what emotions I am being asked to acknowledge, noticing where I have been curious, and where I still feel afraid.   Where will I go from here?  If you find yourself asking these or similar questions, you’ll love our podcast which will drop Tuesday December 9th, 2019.

Sweetly Speaking will be joined by Lindsay Sadowski, a Certified Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) Practitioner who educates us about how most of our physical ailments come from unresolved emotional traumas.  NET helps us to release negative emotions from our bodies and then gives us tools to retrain our brains to live a more optimal life.  Just think of it like pulling a weed in your brain.  If you never get to the root, you pull only the superficial part of the weed.  NET is amazing because it helps us to quickly get to the root.

Friends, I ask you to pause just a brief moment and glance over this past year of your life.  Perhaps you’ve never thought of this concept of NET before, but as we get ready to walk through December, where’s an area of life that is asking you to change the way you look at things?  Not just on the surface but dig a little deeper and allow yourself to find the root.  What’s the thought you find yourself thinking?  Where do you store this thought in your body?

How could this potential change help you to move forward?  And as my teacher Tom always asks me, “What’s the benefit of staying exactly where you are?”  And no shame in your reply, but if you have been looking to change a thought, a limitation, a way of being, etc., then maybe give yourself a wide-open field in your heart to explore.

Something I am ready to change in this new year is my sense of adventure.  I have always been somewhat timid around the notion of change, but golly, life keeps on changing.  Every day is a new adventure!  I’m committed to walking forward into this new decade with a grateful heart and instead of being fearful of what comes next, walking with my curiosity and excitement.

Cheers to this new month my friends!!!  Let us know how you are enjoying the podcast, Sweetly Speaking: Authoring A Fierce Life.  You can find the podcast on Apple iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and Google Play.  We would love to have an inspirational review from you!  Thanks friends!

May your heart be full of love throughout this season!
Big Love- Sarah

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