I had a spiritual reading from Janice, one of my mentors, the other day. She was explaining a certain part of my journey, and I was struck by her simple yet profound thought, “You must ask yourself, Sarah, why am I making this choice?  Why would I choose that?  What’s behind me choosing that? Does this choice ignite my heart?”  The Earth didn’t quake, and bolts of light didn’t shoot out of the clouds, but I felt her question resonate within the frequency of my heart.  I felt it stop me in my tracks.

What unconscious choices do we ‘carry on’ in our lives?  Are there particular messages that we have handed down from generation to generation without ever examining the importance in our present day lives?  When was the last time you took a breath, created space and asked your heart if the choice in front of you supports your life? I truly love to look at life as a grand waking up.  There is a buffet of options to choose from; we only need to continually ask questions.   What brings me joy?  How can I create more abundance?  Who would I be if I wasn’t being who everyone else wanted me to be?  How can I create more loving connections in my life?  What is the dream for my lifetime?  The list of beautiful questions are endless my friends!

In the Northern Hemisphere, life is humming under the blankets of snow, under the brown sod of the Earth.  I find myself waking up, reigniting my curiosities about life.  I energetically feel like I am throwing my arms high to the sky, outstretched to the cosmos, signaling that I am ready for a new way.

With compassion and deep inquiry, I feel myself discerning the choices ahead, equipped with the medicine of investigation.  I feel more available to the life that is unfolding on my behalf in this moment.

There is a new way wanting to be born in the sweet rustlings of springtime.  A symphony of waking up our minds, our bodies, our spirits.  Can you feel it pulsing beneath the surface?  May you settle in and thoughtfully ask about the movements and actions of your life in a very intentional way.  May we all have the courage to choose and question the ways of being that ignite our hearts.

Cheers to choosing, my friends!  Fierce Love- Sarah

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