Choosing Fierceness


Living a brave fierce life!

“Hold questions.  Grow fiercely.  Articulate what brings your soul to life!”

Over the past two years, Choosing Fierceness has become the imprint and tagline of my business, Cool Creative Press.  Throughout my journey, I have met other souls who are embodying the essence in their lives.  I never imagined how gratifying it would be to know another’s journey.  The CCP press tribe has been so vulnerable and kind in sharing how they are choosing fierceness.  Everyday, these hearts are living their fiercest it truly is an honor to share with one another.

Over the years, I didn’t always envision myself as a fierce individual.  I’m pretty sure as a toddler though, I was rocking my fierce game; expressing my emotions and making sense of the territory around me.  As I made my way through grade school, I felt awkward with my braces and pink-rimmed glasses.  High school seemed even less fierce because I was as timid as a field mouse.  I was shy.  I was fearful.  I was determined.  It seems that life is a healthy dose of opposites. 

I once had an astrology reader tell me that with my sun in the first house, I embody bravery.  She went even so far as to say it was a strength of mine.  I hold onto her words as I move through my life now.  It’s almost like bravery is an invisible locket around my neck.  I often energetically touch it as I move through my day. 

When I first founded Cool Creative Press, my dear friend and book Sherpa, Gail Kearns of To Press and Beyond, helped me to come up with my tagline.  Her precision and expertise helped me to zero in on the essence I wanted to capture moving forward.  At the time, I couldn’t even fathom all the ways that one becomes fierce in their lives.  As I sit writing this today, I have an array of moments that situate themselves at the forefront of my mind. 

I’m hopeful that due to my curiosity, intrigue, and excitement about living a fierce life my thoughts and musings will continue to evolve.  One thing I know about embodying fierceness and bravery is that the landscape is always changing. We’re always changing, growing, and emerging. 

On a gorgeous summer day, here’s what I know to be true in my heart.  I invite you take what resonates and leave the rest.  To me ‘Choosing Fierceness’ is an ever-evolving way of showing up in the world.

Living a fierce life means that one will most assuredly break hearts as well as have their heart broken.  This breaking open prepares us to live in new beginnings.  I believe that living a fierce life asks us to take note of the lessons learned.  To wake up our awarenesses.  To hold questions like we hold a precious new babe.  To also realize that we are mothers: of children, of projects, of kindness.  We all have the capacity to give birth, whether it’s a physical child or a new way of being.  I’ve found that being brave is an essential ingredient in creating fierce choices.  Life will more often than not take our breath away.  It can also bring us to our knees and perhaps invite us into the caverns of our grief.  A fierce life will often require us to give up the familiar in an attempt to grow us at a soul level.  Sometimes we’ll have to walk the path alone.  Life might call out to us to pioneer a life that is in service of something even greater than you can imagine.  Be willing to risk it all.  Grow your magnetism toward positivity.  Radiate your success.  Frolic in the rhythms of nature.  Know when to take action and when to pause in stillness.  Be willing to see life from various vantage points.  Entertain your radiant light.  Smile.  Participate in your healing work.  Love.  Be discerning. Repeat.

In this chapter of my life, ‘Choosing Fierceness’ is asking me to get messy.  To unravel old myths, to let go of outdated stories.  To shed tears.  To forgive.  To be a beginner.  To surrender.  To walk forward with love.  To trust my heart as shaky as it may be at times. 

Let us know in the comments section below how you are ‘Choosing Fierceness’ in your life.  We love hearing from our fierce tribe!!  We hope you all know how brave you are in this season of your life!

Big Fierce Love,

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