Choosing Fierceness

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“Life doesn’t give us purpose.  We give life purpose.”
~The Flash

What does Choosing Fierceness mean?”

One of my Yoga students stood anxiously awaiting my reply. I took a breath and began to share my thoughts on this slogan in my life. I began recounting examples: saying yes to the journey even if you aren’t sure of the path ahead, trusting that you’re exactly where you need to be to have the experience that will most help you grow, looking in the mirror and exclaiming I’ve got this, and sometimes being okay with being uncomfortable.  As I continued, she nodded her head and smiled at me.

“I think I get it?”  she said with a sheepish grin.

“I’m more curious how I might be choosing fierceness in my own life?  What will this look like?”

As I recall our interaction, I am more convinced than ever that we must ascribe our own meaning to moments of living.  Affirmations and mantras are a curious place to begin.  For example, “I trust the divine timing of my life” or “I am safe and it feels good to be me.”  Their meanings come from our ability to inhabit them.  To dive into the core essence and live out to the edges of our lives.  As a wise philosopher once said, “There is no safety on the shores of life.”

When I close my eyes and tap into the energy of Choosing Fierceness, the tagline for Cool Creative Press, I envision a modern day, badass super hero rising up from the very center of her life.  The badass in this scenario is me, just as much as it is you.  I feel taller.  I sit with more confidence.  I move through my life with more ease and grace!  Can you feel this?  Just picture it and breathe in your strength!

We have the power to stand and move from a strong foundation.  Create a platform of change and revolution.  Passion stirs the currents of our lives.  Self-awareness awaits us at every turn, inviting us to radiate our unique energy out into the world.  We arrive in the very center of our being, the place where we are in total alignment with the Wise Self.  The part of us that acts on behalf of our highest and good.  We have the opportunity to both live and move from a heart-centered awareness.  We translate our lives through thoughtful speech.  We trust in the unseen world.  And finally, we rest in our connection to all that is.  Boom!

Choosing Fierceness as defined by Cool Creative Press:
An ability to create structures of integrity in our lives that allow others to do the same.  An authentic invitation to embody success and mastery in our lives.  A continual refinement of expanded accomplishments.  We translate meaning from our experiences of living. We become victors of our stories.  We remove the debris of living, such as old fears, the energy of struggling, etc., and walk over the thresholds of awakening.  We ask ourselves questions.  We collect nuggets of living and translate them into teachings.  Community is foundational and allows us to flourish.  We grant ourselves permission to begin again and again.  We love in big ways.  Our legacy is that of continually Choosing Fierceness!

So, my sweet friend, what does Choosing Fierceness mean in your life?  How does living a fierce life make you a badass superhero?

“With great power comes great responsibility.”
~Uncle Ben

May You Live a Fierce and Beautiful Life Friends!
Cheers~ Sarah

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