Choosing Fierceness

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“Choosing Fierceness”

This tag line has been serving my company well over the past year.  Some days it inspires me to move past my self-imposed limitations toward new horizons, and other days it reminds me that self-care is fierce in nature.  Fierceness is being both strong and soft.  Fierceness is ever evolving in the landscape of my life.  How about you?

I have enjoyed numerous encounters with others who have taken this motto and adopted it as part of their daily routine.  Customers who have purchased the “Choosing Fierceness” merchandise have shared they feel more inspired to take on the tasks of their day.

Cool Creative Press has been busy creating fierce new products to inspire our subscribers.  We are so fortunate to be working with a local Youngstown screen printing company, Gorilla Joe Printing who helps to select the styles for our apparel line.  We’ve had customers say our sweatshirts feel like being wrapped in cotton candy, and the t-shirts have a vintage worn feel to them.  We have American Apparel Tee’s that have sayings such as, ‘Hello Beauty Hearts,’ ‘Grow Your Strengths’ and so many more inspirational sayings to choose from.

As well as handcrafted pottery coffee mugs from Sunset Hill Stoneware.  These mugs range in inspiration from, ‘Elevate the world around you,’ to ‘Invest in your heart.’  We are excited to have a new ‘Seafoam Glazed 16 ounce ‘Choosing Fierceness’ mug arriving by mid-March.    All apparel and inspirational merchandise have quotes taken from Sweetly Seeking and Ode to Love.  Stay tuned for more inspiration.

In my world, ‘Choosing Fierceness’ has come to describe how I am deliberately creating in my life.  It’s a choice.  It’s a lifestyle; a conscious decision to dare into the extraordinary realms.  As we move through the first two months of 2019, it becomes fruitful to notice our relationship to our fierceness.  Have we cultivated it?  Have we nurtured it?  How are we honoring our fierce hearts?  Like anything, from an electronic device to our shoe closet, it needs an update from time to time.

When I close my eyes and whisper Choosing Fierceness, I can’t help but see the dualities of choosing a fierce life.  Some of the old must fall away to make way for the new.  From relationships to old beliefs, we hopefully foster a willingness to be led by an even greater energy than ourselves.  I believe we must sit in the discomfort of things and feel it.  Just as much as I believe we ought to celebrate our joys and victories.

choosing fierceness mugFierceness has come to mean having difficult conversations.  Not out of angst, but because love wouldn’t have it any other way.  It requires that we bring out our boldness and tenacity.  It asks that we fiercely nurture and provide self-care for our beautiful hearts.  From a bubble path to a Hallmark flick to a Yoga class there are simple ways that we can provide great care.

Who are you when you are living a fierce life? 
What does your life look like?
How do you as a fiercely passionate heart move in your life?
How does the story of your life sound?

Maybe you’ve never thought of yourself in a fierce way before, perhaps that was before you read this and before you knew about ‘Choosing Fierceness.’ We hope you’ll follow our story as it evolves, and as we grow as a company.  We are interested in becoming ‘Agents of Change.’  We are interested in the fierce stories of your lives.  Please feel free to share below how you are living a fierce life!

Thank you for your fierce support and courageous hearts!
Cheers to living an inspired life!
Much Love,

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