Choosing Fierceness

fierce flower scene


Fierceness is stepping to the edge of the cliff in celebration of your journey. It suggests rousing all the experiences in your life and molding them into teachings and medicine for the benefit of all. Choosing fierceness allows you to live with wild, savage intensity. Come to the edge, my friends, and embrace your freedom.

At the edges of life, we have the potential to continually glean new understandings and greater freedom. We are called to notice the countless experiences at work in the foreground as well as the background of our lives. On a daily basis we are called to consider, ‘How does my perception of my experiences and interactions create more love or fear in my life?’ Fierceness in its essence invites us into the intensities of living a life we love.

It is in this space that we grow our container of contrasting experiences. Each experience has a differing companion: fear often accompanies love, day accompanies night, light accompanies dark. It is in the raw and wild experiences of life that we find our medicine. When we notice that choosing fierceness is just as much about exhibiting strength as it is vulnerability, we change the trajectory of our lives. Vulnerability and strength allow us to actualize a higher way of living and relating in the world. We can relate to life as victors instead of victims, and participate in our personal healing work so that we continue to remain centered in the present moment.

Cool Creative Press is interested in the natural fierceness of living, the inevitable vulnerabilities that come with dreaming big and following your passions. Our vision includes uniting a conscious community of writers who are interested in sharing their authentic voices to inspire intentional living across the globe.

Choosing fierceness acquiesces us to surrender into the unknown and harness the alchemy of life. This potent process transforms our lives into something new. Come to the edge of your lives and craft an enthusiasm for life that enlivens the planet. At CCP, choosing fierceness is simply a way of being. We’re confident that when one wild, savage, badass heart says yes, a cry is sent out to other hearts and they mount up their courage to share. We look forward to hearing your tales of Choosing Fierceness. How are you stepping to the edge of your life and creating a fierce life? Let us know in the comments.

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