Climatic Adventures of Living

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“I have a deeply hidden and inarticulate desire for something beyond the daily life.”
~Virginia Woolf

I often wonder how the great writers tapped into some of the most profound matters of the heart.  They capture all the feels of living, of losing, of growing ripe with despair, of overflowing with hope.  These feelings are sometimes the hardest to express.  The sentiments that cause us to lose our footing at a moment’s notice.  Think about it.  Death.  Love.  Loss.  Anger. Urgency.  Wordsmiths such as Virginia Woolf, Mary Oliver, Earnest Hemingway, Rumi, and so many others that I could gush over.  They inhabit the heart of the matter.  Their words have become their legacy of inspiration. They touch the hot coals of life and gather up the diamonds of their experiences. 

I wonder what advice they might impart for our present day lives?  Do you ever wonder if these greats were afraid to share these vulnerable parts of their lives?  Do you think they experienced a sense of contraction at the pivotal moments of their journey?

Here at CCP we are diving into the sweetness of life, while also recognizing the sorrow.  We see fierceness as being able to hold a space for both the joys and the sorrows.  Throughout my walk on this Earth I have seen hearts wither with regret as well as combust with anger.  I have experienced the tsunamis of sorrow and the frigid temps of bitterness. I have also seen hearts walk out of the ashes of their past hurts empowered to live into their futures.

I truly believe that it is in the cavern of our experiences that we find these treasures.  Some of the hardest moments of life contain within them the most beautiful gifts.  In our mission statement we announce that we are looking for authors who are dedicated to ‘the climatic adventures of living.’  Write about them.  Touch them.  Make them come alive with your heartstrings.  Heal them.  Translate them into medicine for your life.  Rise from them with wisdom and grace. 

Perhaps this is the fuel the world has been waiting for.  As the beautiful wordsmith Kahlil Gibran shares, “Your joy is your sorrow unmasked.”

Keep Choosing Fierceness my friends!
Much Love,

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