Climbing Your Mountain



My niece spied my new ink on my arm the other day.

She curiously looked at my arm and then back at me.  “That’s a new picture on your arm, Aunt Sarah.”

I chuckled to myself.  “Yes, it is sweet girl.”

She paused for a moment, and very thoughtfully looked back at me.  “When do you think I can get a picture on my arm?

I did an internal assessment as I smiled to myself.  “Well, I’m pretty sure you’ll need to be a lot older, and you might even need to ask your parent’s permission.”

Oh!” she said, “In that case, I’ll probably be like 79 when I get my first one.”

I love Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic.  In one of the sections she talks about a woman who was decorated with various tattoos.  This woman often left the house on a whim and got a new tattoo without a second thought.  When asked about this, she replied, “It’s all impermanent anyways, so I might as well decorate myself while I am here.  It makes me feel beautiful.

I got a new tattoo last month with my cousin Lindsay.  It was a first for her and a fifth for me.  I had been thoughtfully considering my design for a few months. My sun sign is Capricorn, and the messaging in a nutshell about Capricorn is that the goat is always climbing up the proverbial mountain to the highlands of the spirit. 

I love mountains and all that they represent.  The exquisite views.  The ability to trust ourselves.  The beauty in the journey, and so much more.   I paired the mountains with several pine trees, which to me allows for flexibility and strength.  There is a grounded-ness, an earthy vibe.  And finally, my last addition was the moon I was born under. 

As I gaze at my newly decorated arm—a work of art—I’m reminded everyday that it is in my nature to climb higher. This climb can be fraught with real life events that cause me to slip, to even fall perhaps, but I am more determined than ever to get to the peaks in my life.  Slow and steady.  And the pine trees remind me that I must choose flexibility in my journey.  The moon represents my emotions. How am I feeling as I climb, as I move forward in my journey?  The moon reminds me to take care; to cry tears, to feel the feelings of living life; to breath in the invitations of life.  To pause in my journey.   

This season of fall in Northeast Ohio, I am reminded that life is always changing.  Leaves bursting with color are dropping. Winds gently carry them to the ground.  We are adding certain elements as we are letting go of other elements.  I’m so glad to know that it’s all impermeant, and that while I’m here, I’m decorating the canvas of my body with stories and pictures that inspire me.   These little treasures remind me that I’ve got this as I forge new paths in my heart and life. 

How about you?  How are you currently embracing your impermanence? 

Fierce Love into your lives!
Big Blessings,

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