Comfort Zone Revolution

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“Free yourself to try anything.  The best ideas are revolutionary.”

~Rick Rubin

Hello CCP community.  I hope that this season of gratitude is filling your life with revolutionary ways of being.

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About a month ago I made a pilgrimage across the US to connect with a dear friend and mentor, who over the past year has guided me in stepping outside of my comfort zone.  Gail, my Book Sherpa has been a foundational piece of supporting me in the revolutionary idea of becoming a published author.  Her expertise, kindness, and kick-butt encouragement have propelled me forward.  I am now very grateful to call her a friend.

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My trip to California was an absolute cherry-on-the-top experience.  From the moment, I stepped off the plane, I knew amazingness was about to unfold.  Gail coordinated several meetings with local shop owners as well as opportunities to connect with her community on the West Coast.  From Yoga studios to paper good stores, we explored consignment options for Ode to Love.  I am blessed to say that Ode to Love is being sold at Yoga Soup, Folio Press & Paperie, as well as Bart’s Books in Ojai, California. I felt so much love and support walking into new and unfamiliar territories.  Ode to Love was met with warmth and excitement!

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Part of the mission of Cool Creative Press is to discover writers who are committed to the climatic adventures of living.  It is our belief that each individual possesses the capacity to be a force of positive inspiration in the world. Sometimes all we have to do is touch the tender parts of our dreams and hearts and let them speak. What dreams are in your hearts, my friends?  I can say that being a dreamer takes an eagerness to leave the known and enter the unknown.

How can you revolutionize your life as 2017 comes to a close and 2018 crests on the horizon?  Life is an adventure and you are the explorer.  Demonstrate your enthusiasm.  Honor your fears.  Create change.  Wander into the wilderness of your dreams.  Revolutionize the world with your love.

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Journey on in Love,





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