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“There is no box around your life, my love. 
You are meant to express, imagine, create, and live the life of your dreams.”
~Ode to Love

I once heard a minister share that in our lives we can feel much like a plant that has outgrown its current environment.  There is a transition from the smaller container to the larger container, but in between there is the sense of ‘dangling.’  The space of being suspended between what was once familiar and a destination yet to reach.  Dare I utter, “the unknown?”  I consider dangling to be an advantageous pivot from the past into the present.

I am blessed to be in a Master Mind group, and the other day I was recounting this ‘dangling’ sensation I have been feeling with my peers.  As I shared the enormity of being suspended, my group helped me to re-frame my fears about dangling.  James spoke with such wisdom, “Sarah, let dangling be a good experience.  Just think of the perspective you have from this vantage point.”

A big sigh of gratitude.  We need our tribe of people to remind us that we’ve got this.  No matter the season of your life, where can you re-frame and step into an even greater way of being?  If you remove the self-imposed limitations, what could you accomplish?  And what if you let yourself off the hook for figuring it all out.  Whew, isn’t that a relief?  That is a limitation of the ego as my teacher always shares with me.  The ego mind always needs us to make something happen now.

In this season of your life, maybe you are a high school or college graduate getting ready to dive into the next chapter of your life.  Maybe you are a mother getting ready for a new babe.  Perhaps you have decided to shift careers and really follow your heart.  Maybe you are ready to settle into retirement.  Maybe you found your groove and are prospering right where you are.  Dangling is such a personal experience with a universal similarity.  To me, this similarity is TRUST.  We are afforded the invitation to trust the spaces in between because I believe with my whole heart that there really is no box around our lives.

Each moment of our lives has something to teach us.  It simply asks that we inquire with curiosity and compassion.  Grief knocks at the door of our heart and invites us to be present.  Love sparks a fire and exclaims, “Look at your capacity to thrive!”  Anger says, “Stay with me, follow the thread and notice where your hurt is.”  Joy says, “Dance with me, delight, but do not cling.”  Our ego is interested in fixing or managing; our soul is interested in allowing.   To be human is to experience the spectrum of emotions.  Trusting that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction as some amazing scientist offered!

Dangling says, “Trust your magic.  Enjoy the views up here.  Trust that you can travel into the unknown and come out with a treasure.  This is a time of great initiation.  Trust that you are here to share your unique gifts.  When you can’t see your next move, get quiet.  Go inside.  Connect.  Be free.  Wear a cloak of grace.  Be so dedicated to living the life of your dreams that you embrace the moments of waiting.  Trust.

Have you been dangling too?  I think this is a mighty fine space to be in.  It’s teaching and working its unique magic.  Keep touching your heart.  Keep trusting your path.  And don’t forget, “There is no box around your life, my love.”

Big Fierce Love to you!

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