December Vibes – Turning Inward


Anyone who knows me knows that this time of year incites a deep sense of hibernating.  An intentional turn inward.  You’ll more than likely find me buried in books or taking inventory of lessons learned from the year.  I adore the glow of a fire and tend to light more candles to remember that our inner light is always present.  I truly feel that this time of year is a time to gather up the treasures and the heartbreaks of the year.  We are able to see our growth, our stagnation, and our transformation, hopefully with kinder eyes.

We are invited to lay them out on the hearths of our hearts and note what we will be taking with us into the next year and what we are ready to bid adieu.  Maybe we find courage in the undercurrent of our story?  Perhaps fear was overwhelmingly present.  Maybe we haven’t been still enough to notice the energies we want to bring with us.  It’s all okay.  We don’t have to know everything.  We are where we are for a reason.

I was chatting with a friend the other day and she was being offered an amazing new opportunity in her career, but she had such trepidation about closing the current chapter of her life.  She vacillated between trusting that something new was waiting for her and then quickly dismissing the opportunity and stepping back into the known.

Can you relate?  I sure can.   It’s easy to stay with the familiar, but perhaps that’s where the opportunity to grow and change resides?  If we constantly take the same routes, think the same thoughts, we are reinforcing the same neural pathways.  But, what if we turn inward and really get to work?  We have less than 30 days remaining in 2018.  We are the brilliant authors of our stories.  We get to decide what opportunities we bring with us.  We also get to choose what we are willing to let go of.

My friend ended up taking her new position.  She shared that there were tears, but she also shared the relief she felt.  Allow the grief.  Revel in the newness.  Make space for disappointments, but don’t linger there.  Opposites always exist.

In the energy of this season I invite you to blaze to the finish line of 2018, arms full of your treasures.  How have you grown?  What did you learn about yourself?  How can the energy of excitement help you to think thoughts that you’ve never thought before?  Spend time with yourself cultivating compassion, offering yourself new ways of doing things, surrounding yourself with a supportive tribe.

Your unique light is unlike anyone in the world.  Perhaps this season reminds you to bask in its warmth and to share your brilliance with the world.  Let us know in the comment section below what energy you intend to bring with you into 2018?  It’s not always easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard.  Cheering you on with a grateful heart!!

Cheers to Choosing Fierceness, Friends!


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