Dedicate Your Life to It

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“The secret of happiness: Find something more important
than you are and dedicate your life to it.”

~Daniel C. Dennett

When I think back to being a kid, I think about all the possibilities that lay ahead of me.  I was fortunate to have parents who believed in my abilities.  I was lucky to have a family of origin that encouraged me.

If you close your eyes and get quiet, what opportunities did you dream about?  The ones nestled close to your heart.  When you were inhabiting your heart center, what did you dream of offering to the world?  When you were busy being you, what gifts did you long to share?  What activities allowed you to lose track of time?

I dreamed of penning a book; I also remember dreaming of becoming an interior designer.  In some ways, both options afforded me the opportunity to bring beauty into the world.  The interior design aspiration didn’t come to fruition, but I am so glad the title of author has been working its way into my life. 

I adore the above quote because I feel its invitation.  When I think about writing Ode to Love, I feel the urgency to remember who we are at our core.  We are not our jobs, our titles, our houses, etc.  We are these beautiful souls who have the capacity to live an awakened life.  Ode to Love became a vehicle for me to help people remember their eternal nature, which I believe to be love. 

Sweetly Seeking emerged from the threads of that same longing; to remember who we are.  To create a space of curiosity and openness.  To invite the reader in to think new thoughts.  To get lost in beauty and to be inspired with words. 

Dedicate your life to it….”  I dedicate my life to helping others wake up, to remembering our fierce essential nature.  To holding a space for all that you are becoming.  To realizing that life is happening right now.  To be okay with changing directions.  To honor the tears.  To rise up in the glory.  To sit down with the heartbreak.  To acknowledge the shadows of fear.  To choose differently.  To speak words of encouragement and affirmation.  To move your bodies with love.  To have difficult conversations.  To see the world in color.  To love yourself. 

What would you like to dedicate your life to?  How would you dedicate your life to a cause greater than you?  How could your dedication and passion help to elevate the world? 

I’m excited for you to share in the comment section below!  I’m also excited because my second book, Sweetly Seeking, releases today on Amazon.  If you don’t already have it in your library, click this link to order it today. 

I so appreciate your support, love and encouragement in my endeavors!

Cheers to Choosing Fierceness!
Big Love,

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