Dream Living..the Unicorn Life!

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Join Sarah as she welcomes Dr. Jason Branch to Sweetly Speaking. His passion for mental health has spanned over the past 14 years. He holds a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision, he is a professor at Auburn University and most recently transitioned into tele-mental health counseling. He shares his dream living advice: become the best version of YOU. He encourages the listeners to show up and offer the best parts of themselves to the world. When we do this, we are dream living. He sparks an insatiable energy to go out and change our lives! He asks us who we are always competing against? He plants energetic seeds of authenticity! Tune in if you need a bit dream living in your everyday life! Caution: You could take on the magical tendencies of a unicorn!

Guest Name: Dr. Jason Branch
Email: jbranch06@gmail.com
Social Media
Instagram: @jbranch06
Facebook: Jason Branch

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