Fierce Friday: Edges


Hi beauty hearts!

Where did the month of October go? This is hands down my favorite month of the year. As I type, I see a flurry of leaves outside my office that have scurried to the ground. The ground is now blazing with a vibrant orange fire.

As I reflect over this past month, I feel that life has offered so many edges, both personally and professionally. When I teach in the Yoga studio I often talk about these edges as invitations in our physical bodies to find the space between effort and ease; the place where you can support yourself in a posture as well as find the integrity of pose. Let me be the first to say, I’m not always a fan of staying with the discomfort, but sometimes it’s necessary so that we can discover treasures about ourselves. A dear friend of mine, Tom, always says, “Sarah, sometimes you just have to wade in the water to get to the other side.”

I translate this notion into the mission of Cool Creative Press as well. Choosing Fierceness & Authoring a Fierce life require us to notice our edges. We notice where we are being called to grow. We acknowledge the effort that it takes to transform. We celebrate the threshold of new opportunities. We mourn what can no longer be. We joyfully claim the blessings being offered to us. So many dichotomies are available to us in the everyday lives we lead. Pausing in the everyday offers us so many opportunities to reflect our growth.

Big Fierce Courage,



Cool Creative Press News

In early November, I’ll be wrapping up my four-week “Choosing Fierceness” workshop series at Mega Barre in Youngstown. This group of beautiful women have sat in circle with one another and have been willing to try new experiences while sharing their vulnerabilities. It has been such a wonderful and growth-filled experience for all of us. These ladies have blessed my heart! If you business or group is interested in a similar workshop, email

Sweetly Speaking, the podcast, has been growing! I checked our stats this morning and we are up to 1,032 total downloads!! I’m literally happy dancing and crying some grateful tears! Thank you to everyone who is tuning in and sharing with your tribe. On October 29th, we were blessed to have Melissa Smith of 1820 Candle Co on the podcast. She shares the almost accidental events that led to the birth of her business. She also shares the inspiration for her artisan candle line, what success means to her, and her love of music! (Read about our cool candle collaboration below.)

On the November 12th episode of Sweetly Speaking, we’ll visit with Adam Boyd Stevens, a Northeast Ohio poet who has just released his first poetry book. Adam shares some philosophy about living a life with noticing eyes and a struck heart. Make sure you are subscribed to have the podcast delivered to your preferred listening platform.

Fierce Words and Wares

Ode to Love has undergone an interior update and the new edition will be available for the holiday season. This sweet little book just got even sweeter with an invitation from the author. Only 500 copies will be available, so stay tuned for the special release.

New download available! We’ve released a new ebook, 8 Ways to Elevate the World Around You This Week! It’s available for just $2.95 in our online store.

inner-glow-combo1820 House and CCP have created a candle collaboration for the holiday season. Inner Glow is a sixty-hour burn, plant-based candle. This candle has scents reminiscent of a juicy orange mixed with the warmth of clove and dazzled with an undertone of oak moss. Purchase Inner Glow and Sweetly Seeking bundle for $39.00. This makes a wonderful gift for the holiday season. Quantities are limited!

Visit us at upcoming pop-ups! Find the listing here.

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