Fierce Friday: Fall Gratitude


Hi Beautiful Fierce Friends!

I’m so grateful to be connecting with you! We have lots of amazing updates as we move towards the holiday season! I like to say this is our busy season of connecting and sharing our message! If you haven’t checked out our online apparel store, be sure to hit the shop tab.

We’ve got lots of new inspirational merchandise and apparel that would make amazing gifts! I love hearing from folks as they have received books and or merchandise. Feel free to email me and share your story. I’ve had moms share that Ode to Love is their children’s go-to bedtime story and I’ve had friends’ text me pictures of Cool Creative Press merchandise out in the world. It makes my heart so happy!!

Over the past month, CCP has been blessed to participate in The Harvest Handmade Market in Chardon, Ohio. This event was hosted on the Green in Chardon and was tremendously successful. It was wonderful to connect with a new group of hearts. More than one hundred vendors participated.

CCP also popped up at the Ladies Night Out event at the new Waypoint 4180 hosted by 850 Blues to benefit Akron Children’s Hospital. I am happy to report that the event raised more than $9,000!

I was also blessed to get away for a few days in the mountains of Colorado and write. Colorado has my heart in so many ways and I find it so beneficial to disconnect sometimes to re-connect. While I was there, I got a download for my next book, so stay tuned!

Sweetly Speaking the podcast just released a new episode with Dr. Jason Branch. This newest podcast focuses on self-care. If we aren’t pouring into ourselves, how can we show up in our daily lives? Be sure to check it out as Dr. Branch shares a corporate training with our listeners. He offers a self-care model that you can use in your daily life to replenish and keep yourself accountable. In the words of Dr. Branch, “The race you are on is between you and you. Stay in your own lane and be the best version of yourself.”

Thank you all so much for your support!!! It takes a community and I am so grateful for the fierce one that we are creating!! Shoot me an email and let me know how you are crafting a life that you love!

Big Fierce Gratitude,


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