Fierce Friday: Fierce Life Moments


Happy Fierce Friday my friends!

Over the past month at Cool Creative Press, I have been enjoying a variety of fierce life moments. From lounging days at the pool to busy nights working on my next book (I got a download!), I have been re-evaluating what it looks like to inhabit a fierce life.

How does it feel?

What does it sound like?

I have been using the warmth of the summer sunshine to help gain clarity around what supports the life I want to live. What nourishes. What energizes. I believe we hold space for fierceness in many ways. I think that fierceness courageously asks us to be with what is. Breath by breath. Moment by moment. It’s been my experience that fierceness asks us to set healthy boundaries, to live more out of intention, to express our emotions in healthy ways, to have difficult adult conversations, to sit in a space of not knowing; all the while loving ourselves. I’m sure the list could go on and on, but these are a few I am working with in my life. How about you? Let us know how you are ‘Choosing Fierceness’ in your life?

I’ve also had the opportunity to hang out with my niece and nephews this summer and, as I do so, I am always amazed at their capacity to imagine. These sweet babes bring me straight back to the present moment. And isn’t that where all the great masters say the magic lies?!

This trio of love sparks all kind of creativity in my life. My niece Stella invites me to tune into my “magical self” on a continual basis. Her natural curiosity reminds me that life is not black and white. This girl sees in a rainbow of colors. I am always so grateful for the life lessons that she offers me. She cheers me on with her laughter. She reawakens me with her sass. Her enthusiasm astounds me. And that smile could melt my heart into a puddle.

May the warmth of the summer days warm your hearts. May you step forth into this new month with confidence and courage. I think of the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz and can’t help thinking that we so much more courage and love inside of us than we could ever know! We’ve got this; breath by breath!

Cheers and Love Fierce Friends!


Sweetly Speaking

The podcast, “Sweetly Speaking: Authoring a Fierce Life,” is taking off! I so appreciate all of the ways you have embraced this next venture of my heart! Thank you for reaching out and sharing how this podcast is helping you to author your fiercest life! I am happy to report we are in the works to get back in the studio in the next few weeks to begin recording again. We are scheduled to release a new podcast every two weeks, so stay tuned. If you have a chance, can you please listen, share, rate and review on Google Play Music, Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher? You can also checkout the podcasts on the website.

Where We’ve Been

Over the past month CCP enjoyed popping up with our ‘Words & Wares’ at The Orange Avocado Juicery. We then traveled to Stone Fruit in Canfield, Ohio and popped up for their Christmas in July event. I am happy to report that Santa does drive a red jeep when he isn’t traveling with the sleigh!

CCP was also delighted to be a part of the Vegan Bazar again at Concept Studios in downtown Youngstown. The event was put together by Kate Lewis who is an amazing photographer, visionary and creative! It featured more than eleven local vendors sharing what they love. It’s always so wonderful to be out in the community connecting and sharing our message. It truly takes a tribe, and CCP is beyond blessed!

CCP was honored to pop up at Gasser Chairs in Youngstown, Ohio to participate in their Health and Wellness Fair. I was also super grateful to teach a chair yoga class to the employees and offer some tips to creating more mindfulness throughout their day.

CCP was also excited to partner with The Oily Jewelry Shop to collaborate a sparrow diffuser necklace. The sparrow has always been a favorite of mine. It reminds me to fly fiercely in my life and I hope that this delicate touchstone necklace reminds you to do the same as well. This limited edition 16-inch silver plated soldered chain sterling silver necklace came to life thanks to Shelly Marlow, owner of The Oily Jewelry Shop. This boss babe was more than happy to collaborate and give back. Fifty percent of each purchase went towards purchasing Hope Totes for children undergoing chemotherapy at Akron Children’s Hospital of the Mahoning Valley. We are currently sold out, but due to such a positive response we might be in the works to create more!

Where We’re Going

Save the date: September 19th 4-8pm
Ladies Night Out hosted by 850 BLUES Women’s Boutique

Waypoint 4180
4180 Westford Place
Canfield, Ohio 44406

Tickets are available for $30.00 at 850 BLUES or can be purchased online . Feel free to call 850 BLUES 330.953.3851

Ticket sales with Benefit Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley

Enjoy Hors D/oeuvres, Dessert & a Cash Bar while shopping over 30 Local Vendors.
Shop. Pamper. Eat. Drink. Support

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