Fierce Friday: Love is the North Star


Love, the poet said, is woman’s whole existence.”
Virginia Woolf

This quote is one of the final pages of my book, Sweetly Seeking. As I intentionally flip the calendar to the final month of 2019, I am again reminded of love’s impact in my personal life as well as in my career. I have felt love calling to me throughout this past year. Asking me to be bold, to take fierce risks. Inviting me into kind, gutsy conversations. Ushering me into new territories within my heart. Asking me to follow love’s urgings. Calling to me to honor my untouched grief. To shed tears. To let go. Trusting a path that cannot always be seen.

As I sit writing this, the lights of my Christmas tree glisten and the fireplace crackles. I love this season of slowing down. I feel the invitation to pause beyond the busy-ness and feel myself settle into my beingness. Big Breath. Gratitude. Love. I feel the magic of this season alive and well in my heart.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine took me to The Polar Express up in Peninsula, Ohio. It was amazing. The Polar Express remains one of my favorite books. It was a balmy November night and the train tracks were ablaze with elves waving to the train cars passing by. It was one of the sweetest sights as the train windows were filled with the outlines of young believers. Santa rode past on a sleigh and briefly hopped out to make his appearance on the various train cars. Children’s face lit up; their hands hurriedly waved to the elves lining the tracks.

It was a sweet moment. As my friend and I turned to go back to the car, I found a jingle bell and placed it in my pocket. I have been keeping this talisman in my winter coat and each time I put it on, the bell jingles and a smiles perches on both my face and heart. This reminds me of all that love I felt waving to kiddos in their PJ’s on a balmy November night.

You see my friends, this is the energy I will be carrying with me into 2020; the unending magic of love. Love is what fuels my passion to create. Love is what drives my desire to connect. Love is my muse. I hope you can feel this love as you experience our ‘Words & Wares’ and the pages of Ode to Love and Sweetly Seeking.

I’m excited for this whole new decade. I know that there will be peaks and valleys along the way, but I also know that no matter the season, love is always present. Love is the North Star. My dear friends, as you experience this final month of 2019, it is my wish that you experience such love.

Thank you from all corners of my heart for your support, your kindness, and your connection over this past year. It is a joy to be spilling my heart onto a page and crafting up treasures to inspire more love in the world.

Fierce Love!


Stay Tuned:

I am working on my third book which will be launching in April of 2020 as I was invited back to the L.A. Times Festival of Books. As soon as I know what it’s going to be about, I’ll let you know!

I recently signed up for a Pre & Perinatal Educator Certification Course which will be hosted over the next year. I am so excited my friends. I hope to bring these awareness’s to the work that I am putting out into the world. From the podcast, Sweetly Speaking to the books I will be authoring.

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