Fierce Friday: Reconnecting with the Mission


Hi Beauty Hearts!

I hope that you are enjoying this season of life. So often I can get carried away in the busyness that I miss what is right in front of me. How about you? I feel so grateful to be working with an amazing boss babe duo at Jet Creative in Youngstown, Ohio. Sarra & Emily are wonderful creative souls who helped remind me of my mission in a meeting the other day. I’m an author who LOVES creating content and books, so watch out, I’m getting refocused!

I have been working with Jet Creative to produce my podcast, Sweetly Speaking: Authoring a Fierce Life, and have been overjoyed at our growth and awareness’s. We’ve been in the studio recording with seven new guests. I can ‘t wait for you to hear them! We hope to start dropping new episodes later this month. Stay tuned…

As I like to say, I ‘squirrel’ around a lot. I have a Sag rising, which in the astrology world, means I am wired for adventure and dreaming big dreams. As a new business owner, I can sometimes lose sight of my original mission. How about you? Do you ever lose track of your purpose? That’s why I am over-the-moon grateful for all of the souls I have the privilege of working with. These are just a few of the boss babes I am surrounded with: Cindy of JustWrite helps with my social media platforms and editing, Gail of To Press & Beyond edits blogs and helps me to write my new books, Mary Catherine of StarrStruck Studios designs my artwork, and Sarra & Emily produce my podcasts. All of these women hold a space for me to dream up new dreams and bring them to life.

And WHY, might you ask, am I revisiting my mission? Because as a soul I want to show up and serve in my corner of the world. I want to create something bigger than I could have imagined and I want it to outlast me. And I know that for me, it takes a team of visionaries who are doing what they love!!

I want to take thoughtful chances. I always ask myself, ‘Why not?’ Somebody has to have the gumption and imagination to color outside the lines. I long for wholesome adventures. I purposefully desire to invest in my heart every single day.

So, my friends, I am refocusing and revisioning Cool Creative Press. I am an author with spunk and creativity who desires to branch out and sell my wares as corporate gifts. I want to grow my ‘Words & Wares’ business within CCP. I want to hit up hospital gift shops and cute boutiques. If you know anyone in these spaces, please email me ( We have wholesale opportunities available for Ode to Love and Sweetly Seeking. I intend to grow my podcast platform as a way to connect, and will be creating downloadable content for my website. I will be creating a Vlog. (Video logs. Don’t worry I had to ask Sarra and Emily what this was too.) I am intending to connect and speak with women’s groups around the globe.

I am so clear, and it feels good. I think there’s a grace in allowing ourselves to dream big and touch those sparks of inspiration that ignite our hearts. Thank you all for being on this journey with me. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without your love and support. I love the fierce tribe that is evolving.

My invitation to you this month is to re-center. Find a space of stillness to discern if you are moving in the direction of your soul; the part of you that is in alignment. Ask for help. Brainstorm. Move thoughtfully. Let go of what isn’t working. Show up and be prepared to be amazed!

All the love and gratitude,


Giving Back

Cool Creative Press Partnered up with The Oily Jewerly Shop in Youngstown Ohio to create a Sparrow Diffuser Necklace. I am proud to announce that from the $360 raised, we were able to shop and create a Hope Tote for a child undergoing chemotherapy at Akron Children’s Hospital of the Mahoning Valley. Shelly from the Oily Jewelry Shop and I went shopping at Target for this babe. If you didn’t get your necklace, be sure to check out Necklaces are $36, and $18 of each sale is donated.

Where We’re Going: Pop-Up Opportunities!

This pop up with my friends at Ely’s to Go in August was Amazing! Such a success and lots of new friends! Check out our upcoming pop ups here.


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