From Logic to Imagination



“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”
― Albert Einstein

Hello beauty hearts!  I hope this message greets you with a surge of warmth and a boost of encouragement.  It feels like this day is most auspicious.  We experience a Full Moon and Partial lunar eclipse today.  The celestial world is ablaze with opportunity.

Speaking of opportunity, the other day I was fortunate enough to be hanging with my four-year-old niece, and she reminded me how important it is to tap back into our imaginations.  We were going on a magical treasure hunt, she informed me.   

But first we will need some of your magical rocks, Aunt Sarah.”  I chuckled to myself as I was delighted to share some of my favorite polished stones with her. 

With stones in hand we began our hunt.  We were well into our adventure when she did an about face and paused in her tracks.  She crinkled up her nose and told me to stop.  Her usual jovial heart turned very serious for a moment. 

First, Aunt Sarah, we need to know what we are looking for.  What is our treasure?  Then, once we think we’ve found it, we need to hold the stone up to our ears to listen and make sure we heard it right.”  A big grin broke across her face as she held her moonstone up to her ear.  “I can hear it, Aunt Sarah, this way.” 

I couldn’t help but smile from the inside out as this tiny little wonder reminded me that so often out of habit we are ‘out there’ looking for things, but it’s when we get quiet and listen to our Magical Self, as Stella would say, that we really hear what is meant for us. 

Maybe you create rituals throughout your day where you allow yourself a space of reflection and imagination.  Perhaps you feel stuck in a particular aspect of your life. But, what if you sat in a space of wonder and looked through that lens of your life?  Instead of seeing the picture as only black and white, what if you added in a splash of color?

Our little treasure hunt was a beautiful reminder that our imaginations are running wild with delight and available to us at all times.  This season of life, of summertime in the Northern Hemisphere, allows us to see that everything, which was once a seed, has the potential to grow into a gorgeous flower or a beautiful garden.  The palette of the Earth is scattered with vibrant hues of color and deep shades of magic.  Logic says, “This can only happen, or that can only happen.”  Imagination says, “Start creating from your magical self what your heart desires to happen.” 

What is it that you are imaging in your life, beauty hearts?  I hope that you will use your logic as needed, but don’t forget to bring your imagination with you.  As Ode to Love reminds its readers, “Honor the ecstasy of your divine spirit.”  Cheers to the adventures of living!

Fierce Gratitude & Blessings out into your lives!

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