Giving Birth to Something New in Times of Stress



Hi Dear Friends. 

It’s so good to connect with you today. Now more than ever we are being asked to be innovators for methodologies of connecting. As I sit in the unfamiliar spaces of our ever-changing world, I am reminded of the first forms of connection we have within the belly of our mothers. These ways are often unspoken and are as old as the rivers and trees . I think back to the wisdom of our ancestors. We are here due to their fortitude and adaptability. I find great strength and courage in their journey. 

I have been blessed to be able to work more fully on my pre and perinatal studies during our time in isolation. This work is bringing an aliveness during a time that can feel so overwhelming.  That’s not to say that I haven’t shed my fair share of tears, bellowed out, “this sucks,” worried about finances, or that I haven’t found myself mindlessly checking out with the TV. But I have also felt a deep insistence from the heart of our planet to create, to inspire, and birth something that would be of great benefit. I am touching that space within me more frequently, building a bridge to it with mindful intention, mediation, and shower karaoke. 


The notion that is capturing my heart is birth. In my pre and perinatal studies, I am being awakened into an inner chamber of my heart. It is here that I hope to create a whole new way of being. You might be thinking, but Sarah, I’m not pregnant. I’ve never had a child.  I’m not able to carry a baby.  What are you talking about? 

You see, my friends, I am just asking you to make space for a new possibility. Sarah J. Buckley, MD, reminds us in her book, Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering“During pregnancy we are called to go deeper into our minds, our bodies, and our spirits than ever before.”  Right now, it feels like we are ALL metaphorically pregnant with a new version of our lives. Life on our collective planet will never be the same. Systems are crumbling. Loved ones are becoming ill. We will be different because those we know and love may die? Children are home reminding us to take a moment to play. My sweet niece informed me the other day that she is loving daddy daycare. Bless these sweet babes’ hearts. Life is unfolding in a whole new way. Compassion feels like the boon of medicine to an aching heart. Jack Kornfield reminds us, “Meet obstacles and bring care.”

I am bringing care to my heart by staying connected. There is a deep call of trust ringing throughout the chambers of our intermittently unsettled hearts. This is a landscape full of sensation. Anger.  Grief.  Gratitude.  Fear.  Love. Name your own. These messengers aren’t meant to be scolded or silenced; they simply need a way to express. Stomping our feet in anger often leads to a burst of tears. Our tears clear away the rivers of grief which are meant to flow. Children bring the gift of laughter. New ways of connecting bring about gratitude. There is no settling the soul without a healing release. This release allows our body to be a well-nourished vessel. Body and mind cannot be separate. 

So, I just invite you to hold a space of birth within yourself. I invite you to go deeper into your mind, deeper into your body, and deeper into your spirit. I also invite you to stay tethered to JOY. Sitting in a space of not knowing, I bring a hand to my heart, and one to my belly. I take a few deep nourishing breaths, extending my exhale.  I allow whatever arises to be there. I calm my nervous system with breath. (If you are unfamiliar with HeartMath, they are a wonderful resource about creating coherence. Just a simple two-minute breathing practice can regulate your brain and heart). 

As I have been diving deeper into my birth studies, here are some offerings from some of my beautiful teachers that bridge into everyday life. 

  1. Mind and body are one. Thomas Verny reminds us there is no disconnect, and we are all interconnected. He also holds space for us to frequently touch our optimism.
  2. Rhythm regulates our nervous system.  Rebecca Thompson from APPPAH reminds us to lean into the rhythm of action, pause, relax, just like a wave that has equal peaks and valleys. You could dance. You would walk. Regular movement releases cortisol.  She invites us to ask, “What needs my attention right now?”
  3. Reassurance. Dr. Raylene Phillips, a Neonatologist in California so beautifully offers that by talking to the babies in our wombs we can reassure them. We can also reassure ourselves and each other. One of the presenters offered this exercise, which feels appropriate. Even if you aren’t currently pregnant, use this to reassure the child within all of us. Bring your hand to your belly and to your heart and offer these words or reassurance: “There’s a lot going on in the world right now that feels uncertain and it makes me feel scared & fearful.  But sweet little one, I want you to know that I have support systems around me. You don’t need to worry. I love you, and I’ve got you.

And my dear mentor and teacher Nina Ketchner reminded us of something one of her teachers shared, “Be irrationally positive.” 

We are all giving birth to a new life. Birth is messy. Birth is traumatic. Dr. Raylene Phillips prompts us to remember that stress is a normal part of life but becomes toxic stress when we don’t have support. Reach out. Find new ways to connect. Cry your tears. Stomp your feet. Wear a cloak of compassion. Pray. Meditate. Move. Rest. Find practices that support you. Feel what is at the threshold of your heart then come sit awhile and let yourself be nourished. Deep breaths.    

You are giving birth.  We are all in this together.  As the medical director for the State of Ohio, Dr. Amy Acton reminds us in her daily live sharing’s, “Be a force for good.”

Sending so much healing love and light! 

Be well my friends. 


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New Ways of Connecting

During this time of social isolation, we are finding new ways of creating connection and moving forward together. My coach, Michael Malone always invites his coaching students to share new possibilities and our unique lights with the world. So, my friends, that’s precisely what I am doing. 

For the duration of this new time in our history, I am offering a limited number of weekly Zoom coaching sessions.  During these personal or group sessions, we might access the joy, moving our bodies,  the stillness in our minds, expressing grief, creating self-care rituals, and touching gratitude to multiply its presence in our lives. During COVID-19, sessions will be discounted. To schedule a session, send me an email at

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From Sweetly Seeking by Sarah L. Dickey. Get your copy here.


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  1. Thank You for these words Sarah ! There’s wisdom in your words. I Hope everyone heeds this lesson. We seem to quickly forget, soon as things get comfortable again. Everyday we all give birth to new lessons. Lets be more self-aware and use the lesson to make things better. We really are all the same. So many lessons in Discomfort. Shanti Shanti Shanti

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