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sarah ancestors
Sarah Dickey’s grandparents with Sarah’s mother, aunt, and uncle

I often remember the strength of my ancestors as I tap into the dreams within my heart.  My beautiful family hails from the rolling hills of Pennsylvania.  I can remember as a child visiting my great grandparents homestead, which was owned by their son, my great-uncle Glenn.  As a child I stood in the vastness of this lush terrain mesmerized by their ability to live from the soil beneath my feet.  Their faces worn by some of life’s harshest moments, but their resilient spirits still intact. 

The narrative they conveyed was one of conviction and assurance.  Our Scottish clan crest motto is, “Ora et labora” (Pray and work).  They were farmers and homemakers, filling their homes with the sweet smells of cinnamon rolls and their plates with a harvest from the garden.  They worked hard.  They also struggled with the insurmountable losses that families endured at that time period. 

My grandfather, Gregg, always planted a magnificent garden.  He and my grandmother lived on the ‘Hilltop’ as we often called it.  They had a sweet horseshoe shaped driveway that welcomed visitors.  And behind the driveway was the garden.

As an adult, I wish I had paid more attention to his precise detail and love of the land.  With this notion in mind, I find myself tapping into his precision and love while I create Cool Creative Press and tend to the vision of my ‘creative garden.’  He was such an ingenious man, and I feel that he ‘Chose Fierceness’ to the best of his ability.  He had every intention of going to school to become a doctor, but his father was killed in a farming accident, so he had to forgo his dream and step up to take care of his family. 

As I continue to walk with this dream and tend to it, I rely on the wisdom of my ancestors.  I oftentimes close my eyes, take a breath and send out a silent prayer of gratitude for my tribe.  I can feel their strength and love as I walk into a field of opportunity.  I hear their prayers rustling in the cool breezes.  At this point in the journey I have to rely on a certain element of faith as I plant the seeds of my desires.  I plant them with the expectation that they will flourish beyond my wildest dream.  I also honor that some seeds are not meant to take, but as a visionary I have to trust that what is meant to unfold will unfold in the highest and most amazing way. 

I also trust that this vision encompasses a community of individuals that are planting gardens in their lives.  I feel that we all have the capacity to hold a nurturing space for our dreams.  At Cool Creative Press we want to know what seeds you are planting.  What are you getting ready to harvest in your life?  Please feel free to let us know in the comment section

Choosing Fierceness with you!
Much Gratitude,


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