Hearts Outstretched



“Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.”
-Pablo Picasso

One of my dear teachers, Michael Malone, offered this quote in a recent intention-setting course.  At first it jolted me a bit, and then it became a deep breath in my life.  I found myself journaling, meditating, and pondering how this is unfolding in my life. I found ways to invite this energy deeper into my awareness.  In this space of stillness, the destruction feels less turbulent.  This teaching feels very profound at this moment of my life.  How about you my friends?

As we sit in the energy of love this month, it feels thoughtful to inquire what is wanting to emerge in our lives.  As Michael suggested, what if we thought of this destruction as a ‘launching pad’ toward possibilities rather than punishment?  And as Michael reminded us, sometimes we can’t see what is wanting to be created when we are in the midst of destruction.  Grant yourself some compassion, my friends.  It takes courage and love to walk forward.

I know this energy to be so true in my life.  Just last week I taught my last Yoga class (for now) at Studio Oxygen Yoga, which has been my yoga home for the past nine years. I have been wanting to create more content, more space and more intentionality in my business moving into 2020.  This was not a decision that I made lightly.  Yoga has continually changed my life in so many beautiful ways.  This amazing community has supported and loved me through all of my journeying. It was a decision I wrestled with, but it was also my good faith with the Universe that I was ready to step in new directions.  I don’t need to know the full extent of what that looks like, but I also feel a deep invitation to let go in a very thoughtful way.  I know that my studio family always has a space for me to return to, but at this moment in time, I need to walk forward and prepare myself for a new birth.

I remember attending a training at some point along my journey, and in this training, the facilitator asked us to outstretch our hands and then to tightly make fists.  As she moved through her teaching, we began to experience that our tightly made fists allowed for nothing new to arrive.  By tightly clinging to life that we have always known, we physically felt our limitations in inviting something new.

As we nestle into the energy of February, may we mindfully hold our palms outstretched and invite in a new energy of the heart.  May we feel this energy conspiring to help us birth a new version of ourselves.  Perhaps it’s a new way of seeing ourselves, maybe it’s a move to a new city, or maybe it’s a letting go of a life that we thought we wanted so that this NOW moment can counsel us toward our highest expression.  It’s okay to be scared and move forward through the destruction.  It’s also okay to be excited about the life that is unfolding on your behalf.  It’s okay to be right where you are.  Big breaths and so much love!

May you travel well, my beautiful friends!

Fierce Love, Sarah

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