Instructions for living a life



“Instructions for living a life. 
Pay attention. 
Be astonished. 
Tell about it.”

-Mary Oliver

We’re halfway through this year.  How is it possible to be watching time whoosh past us so quickly?  The warmth of the morning sun dancing on my desk, preparing this space for writing.  The light in the night sky fading at a more rapid rate as it tucks in the stars a bit earlier with each passing day.  My coffee perched on my desk in an elevate mug, and I begin to wonder, how have I elevated the world thus far?  We are past the half way point of the year and Mary Oliver’s words will undoubtedly slide around my heart as a mantra for the remainder of 2019. 

I allow my mind to become a picture show of moments over the past 182 days of 2019.  There have been galactical teachings and slow learnings.  There have been diving off points and places of trembling.  There has been sweet surrender as well as clinging.  There have been rivers of tears and fields of joys.  Precious souls have entered this world.  Dear souls have passed from this world.  I find myself seeing the dualities alive and well throughout my life. 

Pay attention.  I find myself paying attention to the ways in which I have walked my path thus far in 2019.  There have been moments of utter joy as I have walked through new doors of opportunity.  I shouted my YES to the Universe as I stepped into more creative opportunities professionally.  There were vulnerable moments of sharing, but all the while excitement.  My dear friend Lorraine recently shared with me that we must all share the gifts in our hearts.  She likens them to roses and says even a rose can smell rotten if it is boxed up and not enjoyed.  As I look forward to the rest of the year, I notice the areas in life I would still like to dive into more deeply.  How about you?  What heart gifts can you share with the world for the rest of this year? 

Be astonished.   I find myself looking out my office window, and I hear a symphony of birds beginning the day.  I see the breeze gently rustling the green leaves.  I hear life going on all around me.  I am astonished.  The natural world has become such a beautiful reminder for me to see the world in new ways.  For the rest of 2019, I will see with new eyes, astonished eyes.  Gazing out into the natural world, I feel the buzz of life. I see before me a tree tipped in red hues, already starting to fade into the arms of fall.   I notice how my mind thinks this isn’t possible, but this is what is unfolding.  Astonishment will arm me with present awareness.  I can’t stumble out into the future, and I won’t trip over the past.  I will allow this moment to be full. 

Tell me about it.  There are so many ways I long to share. I’m looking to spark the curiosity that I believe lives in all of our hearts.  The wonder.  The imagining.  The possibilities.  This is how I hope to elevate.  These qualities are some of the roses in my heart.  In the noisy busyness of life, I desire spaciousness to explore the opportunities ahead of me.  183 days remaining in this year.  183 days left to pay attention.  To be astonished.  To tell the world about it.  To elevate the world around you. 

Here are some questions I am reflecting on:

How will you live the rest of this year? 
Where have you grown? 
What do struggle with? 
How has this year transformed you so far?
Where do you have more compassion for yourself?
What special “roses” are in your heart to share?
What astonishes you about life?

All the love and gratitude to you!
Cheers to Choosing Fierceness,

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