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colorado scene


I just took a self-care trip to one of my favorite spots on the map—Colorado.  December was a busy fun-filled month with Cool Creative Press and the holiday season.  I’m so excited to share that we were amazingly successful, thanks to all of the beautiful hearts who popped in at pop ups or made purchases online.  THANK YOU!  At the end of the season I needed a little respite, and I couldn’t help but think to travel to my happy place in the Colorado Rockies.

colorado scene

I always find that the mountains inspire me straight down to my soul.  It’s like taking a BIG deep breath.  There’s so much space amidst this landscape.  It allows me to get cozy and reconnected.  Hunker in and attune to my passions.  Do you have a spot on the map that offers you this feeling?  Maybe it’s right where you are standing.  Wherever this place is, let it nourish you.  Allow it to energize you.

This adventure allowed me to connect with new individuals who offered nuggets of wisdom for the journey.  “Follow your passions.  Don’t wait for the conditions to be right, create them.  What are you waiting for?  Live big.  Find a community who speaks your language.”  Their questions echoed into my life and caused me to re-focus and re-examine my intentions for 2019.

What is my message?
Why am I doing it?
How can my passions inspire others?

Sweetly Seeking book cover

Every time I’m able to travel I feel like it expands my ability to touch life.  To get intimate with my desires and to become even clearer about what I would like to create.  How about you?

I recently celebrated a birthday, and there’s something about another trip around the sun that inspires me to dig deeper, to look more closely, to live more deliberately.  One of the questions I’m wrestling with is, “What do I want my legacy to be?”  Long after I take my last breath, what lives on?  How can I create a spark of inspiration that hearts can savor in their own lives?

As I move forward into 2019 I am more convinced than ever that I want to amp up my Fierceness message.  I want to grow the platform of CCP, broadcast the messages of Sweetly Seeking, create workshops, start a podcast, and the list goes on.

One of my all-time favorite poets, Mary Oliver, just passed and so many of her poems resonate with me.  This year, and for many years to come, “I want to be a bride married to amazement.”  I want to tuck my sense of wonder into my beingness and remember, “Joy is not meant to be a crumb.

Stay tuned to for upcoming events and new happenings.  Cheers to living a fierce life, beautiful friends!!

Many thanks and Much Love!

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