Ordinary and Extraordinary


“In a world of ordinary mortals, you are a wonder woman.”
~Queen Tippolytha (Wonder Woman’s Mom)

Hopefully, as we navigate the journey of our lives, we encounter souls who cheer us on and encourage us to be better, to reach higher, to live a bit more deliberately.  I like to think that we have modern-day superheroes in the various arenas of our lives.  In the creation of Cool Creative Press, there are so many hearts to thank, but first off, I have to thank a real life superhero.

I’m not sure the first time I ever consciously remember meeting her, although I am fairly certain we loved each other at first glance.  Her warm and loving spirit allowed me to grow in a sea of nurturing energy.  Nine months later on a chilly winter’s night we were properly introduced.  Into her arms I slid and into my heart she remains.  The woman I speak of is my mother.  Nancy Louise.  A beautiful soul with brown eyes and a steadfast heart. 

When I was younger, I would ask her what she wanted to be when she grew up, and her answer was always the same, a mother.  Her profession was that of a kindergarten teacher for 25 years.  Throughout those years, my brother and I accompanied her to her classroom to prep for all of the kiddos that would be entering her classroom for the upcoming year.  It was with great delight that she worked on projects at home for them to create and experience in her classroom.  She still has adult students come up to her and remark what a difference she made in their lives.  And anytime I have been around her, she has smiled graciously and welcomed their sharing.

I think about my mother, and I envision a strong beautiful woman who was spot on with her passion.  She knew from a young age that the role of motherhood suited her heart.  Throughout my life she has encouraged me.  At times we have butted heads. And at other times, she has been the only heart that has been able to offer me comfort.  As I look at her through my adult eyes, I don’t even think she realizes her beauty, grace, or strength.

She has since retired, and now she enjoys loving my niece and nephew several days a week.  When I think of their time with her, I think they are two of the luckiest little souls on the Earth.

Cool Creative Press is here in large part because of my mom.  We all need cheerleaders and superheroes in our lives to encourage us, to be sounding boards, to load up cars, to connect with others, to calm our insecurities, and to love us through the stories of our lives.  I know I am blessed, because not everyone has this relationship with a mom or mother figure.  In my life, I can say this fierce lady taught me about the real kryptonite of life—love.  Who are the superhero figures in your life?  And what are the superpowers they taught you?

It is because of her love that I am willing to follow the love in my heart.  I think of her legacy, and it is one of knowledge, love, caring, and kindness.  I hope that someday when I grow up, I can be like my mom.  She’s pretty much a modern-day superhero. 

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  1. Jenny Rukenbrod says: Reply

    What a beautiful tribute and inspirational message, Sarah. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Lovely, Beautiful and Blessed

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