Participating in Possibilities


Hi beautiful, CCP family!  I’m sitting at a coffee shop, The Laughing Goat in Boulder, CO thinking about the next post for CCP and I have to admit I am feeling very inspired by the litany of possibilities that exist outside the windows of this establishment.  As the sun warms my back, I can feel my inspiration charging up like kryptonite.  The coffee shop is buzzing with opportunities and super chill music.  I feel the energy of young and old alike participating in their dreams.

People are gathering amongst their freshly poured cups of coffee.  Business men sit in the corner rambling on about new business ventures.  Young couples exchange adoring glances at one another.  The barista smiles at the new customers lining up for a delicious cup of Joe.  Life is buzzing with opportunities.  People are participating in their dreams; from business opportunities to love interests, life is bustling and it feels so inspiring to be in the mix.

When I look up possibilities I quickly find that one of the definitions is, ‘the state or fact of being possible.’  The definition isn’t limited to any addendum’s that specify a certain condition must be present in order for something to happen.  This is the brilliant space of possibilities…. they are an open-ended invitation from the Universe.  The Universe serves up several options and then we decide how we will actively engage.  We can participate in them, or not.  Ultimately the choice is up to us.

Each moment of our lives is an intersection of possibilities.  We have within us the potential to change the world.  To inspire the communities around us.  To tap back into the exquisite inner knowing that lives within the chambers of our heart.  We get to decide our attitudes and latitudes.   Life can be a courageous adventure or an arduous chore.  Life freaking loves you… can you take that in?

What possibilities are you currently entertaining in your life?  As I look to the vision of CCP, I am committed to a path that I am currently building.  There is no paved road up ahead, rather it is paved by my intention and vision.  This road isn’t for everyone, and I respect that tremendously.  Some days I am unsure if it is for me, but the deeper possibilities of life and creativity keep me progressing forward!  My prayer is often keep me in alignment and gracefully moving towards all that is meant for me.  Let this magic help to change the world.

We don’t have to have all the answers.  We don’t have to know the outcomes.  We don’t even have to know the mountains that we will scale.  What we do need to know is that we are willing to participate in all the possibilities ahead of us.  You my friends are brimming with potential.  I dare you… go out and dazzle the world with your unique possibilities.

Love your possibilities!



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