Re-Aligning My Vision



Over the past 6 months, life has changed in so many ways.  There have been bittersweet endings, life giving revelations, and new teachings that have cracked my heart open to a greater way of showing up in the world.  Life is always changing my sweet friends.

When I began Cool Creative Press two years ago, I held the vision of being an indie publisher.  As I am in the energy of 2020, I find myself wanting to re-align my vision of this company that was birthed from a dream in my heart which has manifested out in the world.  This company is my child.  As I witness her development and flow, I am astounded, as well as in awe of the various ways I am connecting with souls in the world.  

A pivotal moment of re-alignment came from a mentoring session with my Birth Education Mentor, Nina Ketchner from APPPAH.  I am currently enrolled in a Pre & Perinatal education course and have been deep diving into my birth story.  The work of APPPAH is about bringing consciousness to our stories. 

During our session together I was re-counting my birth experience and Nina offered a wise heart insight.  My birth story was full of strife.  I struggled to be born.  I was an emergency C-section and entered the world pumped full of Pitocin and anesthetic.  Nina pointed out that as a vulnerable prenate, I lacked choices, but as an adult, I am empowered to make a multitude of choices.  She helped me to see the resiliency that I learned from my birth experience.  To her, I am eternally grateful. 

As I circle back to my vision and mission of my company, I am in the process of re-branding.  Cool Creative Press will be shifting not only logo designs, but the creation of an updated website, and the clarification of my mission out in the world.  I am so excited to breathe new life into my dreams. 

Thank you all for being on this journey with me.  I so appreciate each and every one of you.  Cool Creative Press will become a brand under the umbrella of Sarah L. Dickey.  Stay tuned for how this rebranding unfolds.  My tag line for Sarah L. Dickey is ‘Fierce Creative,’ and after my session with Nina, this becomes an empowering reminder that I am NOW creating my life.  Fierce Creative reminds me that I am passionate, that I am in alignment with my heart.  I truly believe that one of my most radiant ways of expressing on this planet is by sharing and creating.  How about you my dear friends? 

I hope that our mission speaks to your heart and reminds you that no matter the vulnerable circumstances of your life, that your wise adult self is creating the life of your dreams.  May we be a resource for you.  As we grow, may it serve as a reminder for your growth.  From our podcast, Sweetly Speaking, to our Words & Wares business may you find a place of inspiration to bring your brilliance to life in the world.   

Much Love,

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