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If you are new to the Cool Creative Press (CCP) website, I’d like to take a moment to connect with you.  My name is Sarah, and I describe myself as a mountain loving, Yoga teaching, coffee drinking, inspired heart who is totally invested in making a difference on this spinning planet.  I have held various roles in my life, but the one I am most excited about is my current venture, Cool Creative Press.  My indie publishing company began in a very organic way, and it has been a vehicle of amazing connection. 

I have connected with other writers who dream of sharing their words with the world.  I have met teachers who share my first book, Ode to Love, in their classrooms and in their yoga studios. The book even got distributed to several Hallmark stores in Ohio.  CCP has helped plant many seeds of possibilities.  It has become a shell for numerous opportunities and for that I am over-the-moon grateful.  I’m pretty sure that the concept for CCP began very long ago, but its structure took a bit of time to catch up to me. 

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My favorite moments growing up were spent mainly in observation.  Observing interactions.  Noticing what wasn’t being said.  Feeling all the “feels,” and then putting words to what I noticed.  A few narratives naturally found their way to the paper and I took off writing.  I have journals full of poems and stories to share.  Life has always been fascinating to me. 

Fast forward to December 2017 and that’s where my vision for CCP began to take shape. I’ve had aspirations of being a writer since I was young, but it wasn’t until one day in December that it came true.  I got a ‘download,’ as I like to say, at Stone Fruit Coffee in Boardman, Ohio.  I felt inspiration knocking at the door of my heart and that’s where Ode to Love came to life. In half an hour I wrote Ode to Love, a Rumi-esque poem accompanied by photos, and from there everything fell into place.  Not a moment too soon.  Not a moment too late.  Perfect timing.  Even I couldn’t have felt the enormity of this timing.

I connected with my marvelous Book Sherpa, Gail Kearns of To Press & Beyond in Santa Barbara, California, and she helped to bring my vision to life.  We created CCP to publish my titles as well as to publish titles from other authors.  (Remember that timing element? Well, it’s showing up again.)

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I do have aspirations and intentions to publish other authors who are sharing messages of inspiration, but I am taking a slight detour.  It began when I branched off and started creating products for my brand, thanks to an inquiry from Hallmark.  I never dreamed that my publishing company would traverse down this road, but it has been the most welcomed surprise.  I LOVE what I am doing right now.  And the best part of this current adventure is that I didn’t see this possibility, but the Universe delivered it up. 

My steadfast motto has always been “Say Yes!”   Yes to what is in front of me.  A full body YES.  Right now, what is in front of me is an opportunity to connect in a grander way with the world.  I have been invited to be an inspirational speaker at several local events, and I love getting up and sharing inspiration with the audiences.  I will get back to the intention of being an indie publisher, but for now, I am riding the wave of inspiration.  As my marketing coach Cindy coined it, “You are creating words and wares to inspire people to live a fierce life.”  From Ode to Love and my second book Sweetly Seeking, I have been able to craft amazing apparel, and I can’t tell you how much it warms my heart to see it out in the community. 

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I have always been a dreamer.  I truly believe that all of my paths have brought me to this moment, and I am so excited to share.  I am inspired by the love in my life.  I am in awe of my community.  I am excited for what comes next.  I am confident that I will be taking my message out into the world in a bigger way through all that I am creating.  Be it a coffee mug or an inspirational T-shirt, the world needs each one of us to show up awake and aware in our lives. 

CCP is my vehicle.  I intend to ride this wave with great joy.  If you are looking for a speaker for an event or your organization, feel free to contact me coolcreativepress@gmail.com .  If you host pop up events, I have loads of merchandise and I will travel.  If you’d like to connect with me to be a guest on my upcoming podcast, Sweetly Speaking: Authoring a Fierce Life, reach out to me at the address above. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  As my legacy, I’d like people to remember me as that coffee drinking, yoga teaching, published author girl who gave it her all!  Cheers to living your dreams to life and trusting in the impeccable timing of the Universe. 

Fierce Love Friends!


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