Season of Preparation



“There is the proverbial season of preparation in which we begin to nourish the various territories of our hearts.  We clear out the old so that we might truly usher in the new.”
~Sweetly Seeking

I keep seeing robins outside my window.  The first sign of Spring! Their melodies are awakening within me a sense of renewal.  I see the Earth changing in front of my eyes.  Instead of a blanket of snow, there are tender shoots of life gradually making their way to the surface.  Their timing is impeccable.  Not a moment too soon.  As I watch, I sense their tremendous amount of trust.  I sit at my computer gazing at my to-do list and I simply pause for a moment and take a big breath.

There is so much life to be lived.  My family is currently awaiting the arrival of my next little nephew.  All of the anticipation of these past nine months, and in a matter of days, he’ll be here, and our lives will be forever changed.  We’ll be blessed to be loving another dear heart in the world.

As spring begins to knock at the door of our hearts in the Eastern Hemisphere, may we have the courage and fortitude to open the door to this guest.  May we welcome life with a renewed sense of passion.  Setting aside the old worn out ways of the winter so that we may dive into this new season.

Spring has always been a favorite of mine.  I love watching the shades of green come into full force.  The birds chant melodies of newness and flowers show us that beauty does take a certain amount of time and effort.

As you gaze into your life, what territory of your heart are you currently nourishing?  Here at Cool Creative Press we are so curious about how you are Sweetly Seeking.  What aspects of life are catching your attention?  What are you giving birth to?  How are you letting go of the old to usher in the new?

I can’t wait to recount to my new nephew the anticipation I felt upon his arrival.  The sheer fact that he is on his way astounds me.  Life blows me away.  Love inspires me.  This kind of love is the energy I want to bring forth to usher in new ways of being in my life. I want the miraculous life-giving energy of love to accompany me all of my life.

May this season of preparation encourage you to trust, create, and lead with LOVE!

Cheers to ushering in the new!
Much Love, Friends
~ Sarah

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