Springing into Action!

cherry blossoms


“May I have the courage today to live the life I would love…

To postpone my dream no longer. But do at last what I came

here for and waste my heart on fear no more.”

~John O’Donohue

Happy day CCP readers!  As you gaze into your lives, what dreams are waiting to awaken?  In the Northern Hemisphere, we are eagerly moving towards the spirit of spring.  As we shift from a season of dormancy, we gracefully begin to activate the embers of spring.  Nature comes back to life in shades of green and pastel blossoms.  We too, begin to recalibrate the trajectory of our intentions with a sense of enlivened energy.  Perhaps shifting our goals towards a more observable and awakened manner.  Winter has allowed us to hunker down with the promise of spring simplicities.  From these dark days of winter we wake up to a new light.  This light offers renewal and sparks our hearts to reawaken.

Over the past several months, CCP has realized many amazing opportunities.  On January 25th, Ode to Love was picked up by 14 Ohio Hallmark stores.  From that magical introduction, we have launched a variety of additional complimentary products.  We have also created partnerships, fostered new relationships, and nurtured an avalanche of dreams.

All of these beautifully choreographed opportunities have arisen out of the energy of love!  A love that is courageously devoted to sharing inspiration and fierceness.  Love that desires to be seen.  An infinite energy that blows through self imposed limitations.  A love that aspires to encourage the world.  A love that is devoted to living out loud!  A love that believes in magic.

At Cool Creative Press, we are devoted to living our dreams to life.  Perhaps the energy of this season activates within you a new-found sense of courage!  Who would you be if you lived outside the walls of your fears?  What would you say YES to?  What is it that you have come here to do?  Allow the energy of this season to entice you to live from your gorgeous heart space!

Let us know in the comment section below what you are committed to?  How are you bringing your dreams to life?  We want to celebrate with you!  Cheers to the light of spring!  Cheers to sharing your unique light with the world!

Choosing Fierceness,


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