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I have been tremendously blessed by an amazing group of people since the beginning of my life.  Growing up I had an extra set of grandparents named Rhea and Paul who lived across the street in a beautiful old mustard-colored house.  Chestnut Street was adorned with delightful old homes and warm spirits.  Their house was homey and cozy with built in benches and beautiful old woodwork.  Wallpaper flanked the walls, and a cozy recliner sat in front of the TV.  Rhea and I would often snuggle in and just enjoy being in one another’s company.

Its inhabitants are what made it most charming.  Rhea, a nurse and profound giggler, welcomed me into her arms every chance she got.  We used to sit and watch Dukes of Hazard and laugh until she needed her inhaler.  Paul, a Presbyterian minister, embodied the jolliness of a towering giant but was short in stature.  His legacy is still one that is alive and well in Lisbon.  And Ruth Ann, their daughter, an English teacher who is to this day one of my most favorite storytellers and dearest hearts in my life.

We lost Paul when I was around six years old and Rhea when I was in my late twenties, but even in their absence I feel them cheering me on from another realm. Love radiates long after the physical body leaves.  These two dear hearts have always been significant cheerleaders in my life.  Stay tuned for how they continue to show up.

Sweetly Seeking book coverFast forward to December 12, 2018. Sweetly Seeking: Living an Inspired Life arrived!  Sweetly Seeking was printed in Canada and just in case there was a snowstorm, I special ordered 100 books to be delivered to my home in the event that the remaining 1500 didn’t arrive as scheduled on Friday December 14th.

Fed Ex had attempted to deliver 100 books to my home on December 12th, but as luck would have it I wasn’t around, so they stuck a sticker on my door and re-routed them to Walgreens.  All day long I called into the service center to check on their arrival.  I’m not a mother, but my excitement was like that of waiting for a baby to be born.

I headed to Walgreens in the hopes that the Fed Ex truck was there.  I anxiously scoped out the parking lot waiting for the truck to appear.  And when it did, I let out a whoop of excitement.  I casually scurried to the driver’s van and then hit him with my request.

“I’m pretty sure you have five boxes that are for me.”  I eagerly flashed him my ticket.

He smiled, “Whoa little lady.  I think I do.”

I stared at him for a moment, his stature reminded me of someone from the past, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  He thoughtfully loaded up my car with the five boxes, and then I dashed into Walgreens to pick up some items.

As he began to leave the building I flagged him down.  “I didn’t get your name, you were so kind, and I am so grateful to have this first shipment of books in time for an event.”

My name is Paul, and if you are going to be getting orders like this again, just leave me a note.”

My mouth almost dropped.  It was Paul.  He looked like Paul.  My Paul from Chestnut Street.  The kind minster who had adored me since I was born.  I smiled and shook his hand.

Thank you.”  I said.  “You’ll just never know how grateful I am.

books on a palletThe remaining books arrived on two pallets via FedEx freight on Friday December 14th.   From the moment the driver called to the moment he arrived I was in sheer delight.  He unloaded them at the warehouse, and I smiled contently.  I can’t wait to share this work of my heart.

On Saturday, some local vendors and I had a pop-up Christmas event at 850 Blues Boutique in Boardman, Ohio.  This was the official introduction of Sweetly Seeking to my local community.  My second customer to walk in was Ruth Ann from Chestnut Street.

Mom would just be so proud of you, Sarah.  Her 107th birthday was December 12th.”  Ruth Ann smiled a grin that warmed my entire body and gave me goose bumps.

That was my book arrival birthdate.  “You just can’t make this stuff up,” I exclaimed.

And so, you have it, Sweetly Seeking was ushered in by two of my most treasured hearts from Chestnut Street.  Their love for me lives on even after their physical presence has been extinguished.

It is my hope that this book becomes an invitation to reflect in your own lives.  To notice the divine choreography of your life.  A space to pause in the sweetness.  A moment to honor where you are in this season of your life.  I hope you are delighted by the spiritual nourishment that it offers.  I envision you getting lost in its inspiration and visual beauty.

Sweetly seeking is a way of life for me.  As long as I can remember I have been Sweetly seeking.  Curious about how we are connected.  Drawn to the beauty of life and making sense of the sorrow.  To me, it has been about honoring all the threads of connection that have been weaving their way through all of our lives.  It is about standing in amazement in your own life.  It is about traveling into unchartered territory and still having the courage to step a bit further.

It is my hope that your lives are richer because of this work of my heart!

Cheers to sweetly seeking all the days of your lives!

And a BIG THANK you for all of your love and support!!

Wishing you the warmest season of light with those you love!


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