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I am so excited to announce that Cool Creative Press will be launching a new podcast, Sweetly Speaking: Authoring a Fierce Life.  This podcast has been a dream of mine since writing Ode to Love.  I want to connect with people in an even more intimate way.  I desire to help share the stories of dreamers.  I want you to feel their heartbreaks in our conversations and I want you to savor their joys.  I want you to inquire of your own life and notice the story you are currently telling.  Does it support where you want to go?  And if it doesn’t, how can you change it, and do you even really want to change it?  There is so much richness in the stories we share with one another.  I believe our stories can inspire and spark liberation within the lives of our community.    

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If you had known me as a Freshman in high school, you would have hardly recognized me.  I was awkward, equipped with a full mouth of metal, and at times I had a poodle ‘perm,’ but more than anything I was so intimidated and embarrassed to be in front of others.  My face flushed about 30 shades of red.  I always felt inadequate in some way. 

I was lucky to have a beautiful cousin, Ann, who was gregarious and very outgoing.  She was on the speech and debate teams, and something about the way she moved in the world made me curious to explore what this team was really all about?  I made my way into Miss Helmick’s classroom as a Freshman.  When I say made my way, I attempted to conjure up my invisible powers as I waltzed into her classroom.  Head down, palms sweaty.  But somehow, I wanted this.

I told her my cousin, Ann, whom I still admire was in a category called Prose and Poetry, and I thought I might be interested in that too?  She smiled and asked to me to walk up to the stool at the front of the room and just start talking.  I could feel Mount Rushmore grow in my throat.  I felt my cheeks scorch.  And my hands began to sweat.  I opened my mouth and am pretty sure all that happened was a cracking noise.  I look back at this younger version of me and I am so glad she showed up even though she was scared.  I feel such love and inspiration because of her.

From that one day in Miss Helmick’s room, I went on to enjoy three years in speech and debate.  My junior year I made it to State in Prose and Poetry and enjoyed an inner celebration of sorts, I had overcome my feelings of inadequacy.  I did something that I was terrified to do, I had worked at it, and my efforts had paid off.

And now, here I am, leaning into life and walking through terrain that is both unknown and exhilarating.  I love connecting with people.  I want to know about those times in life that have left us feeling scared and intimidated.  How have we shown up in spite of these moments?  Where does our courage come from?  I believe that we are powerful beyond measure.  I believe that life is constantly calling our names and asking us to step into a greater version of ourselves.  If you are a techie person, I believe it’s like a system update, we just need to accept the terms and click the button. 

Sweetly Speaking will have guests ranging from local creatives to authors, to visionaries, to ordinary hearts living an extraordinary story.  Our stories matter because they are what we keep telling ourselves day in and day out.  We animate it with our thoughts.  We move closer to it with our actions.  We are living it in our relationships.  We embody it in the light and the shadows of our lives. 

So, stay tuned.  I am so excited to launch another part of my heart out into the world.  Also, if you happen to know Elizabeth Gilbert, Danielle LaPorte or Ellen, I would love to have them on!  Cheers to all the dreams in your heart!  May you have the courage to speak them to life! 

Big Love to you all!

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