Unfolding Your Own Myth

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Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”

When you move from a space of abundant joy, you never know what gifts await you!  The creation of Ode to Love sprang from a part of my heart that has always been animated, but up until this past year, I was a bit timid to share.  I’ve found that offering up my writings is offering up a part of myself.  In this process I sometimes bump into fears, and then that ever-changing ground turns into excitement. 

Ode to Love has realized amazing success thanks to the community I am a part of and amazing friends near and far.  It blows me away when I think of its far-reaching impact.  Back in April, Ode to Love participated in the Indie Book Awards and was nominated for best cover design.  When I received the email, I remember shouting for joy and squealing with excitement.  You see, Ode to Love is like my firstborn.  I don’t know what it’s like to carry a child in my womb, but I do know what it’s like to carry a dream in my heart and tend to it in the ways that a divine mother might.  A mother that’s available to nurture, inspire, and turn to the ways of the wise crone as she prepares for her little one.  There’s the whole act of saying YES, of choosing fierceness over your fears, of surrendering to the process, and ultimately showing up to participate in the magic that is unfolding.  I believe we have to cultivate a willingness to be seen in order to truly participate in the blessings of our lives. 

The creation process happened very quickly.   I had no intention of writing a book; I sometimes joke that it wrote me.  I had my eyes on another task and then Ode to Love flooded through my awareness and onto the page.  One of the delights of this process has been stepping into the role of author.   When people ask me what I do, I now often reply, “I’m an author, indie publisher, and Yoga teacher.”  I’m curious, what role are you stepping into or embodying in your life?  What projects or passions are you mothering? 

Fast-forward to June of this year and the awards dinner happened.  Ode to Love didn’t win the final in its category, but I feel like we did win because we were nominated.  First time out of the gate, Ode to Love was a finalist.  To me that’s huge.  It offers a platform of connection and inspiration, which is a foundational piece of work at Cool Creative Press.  It is my hope that this nod inspires you to take a chance and put yourself out there.  Instead of thinking about how it can’t be done, think about how your unique light is different than anyone else’s in the world.  You have a distinctive signature and flair for seeing the world. Share that with others.  You never know what bright lights you might attract or whom you might connect with.  Make sure you unfold your own myth.  Make it a legendary tale, my beautiful friends!

Many Blessings!
Choosing Fierceness,

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