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At Cool Creative Press, we believe that we are all authoring a Fierce Life.  From books, to inspirational apparel, to podcasts, and workshops, we believe that we all have an ability to make an impact with our words.

We are fostering a community where YOU as storytellers can connect and share a cohesive platform of inspiration. We seek to empower our readers’ lives and supercharge their existence. We are inspired to develop content to support the visionary efforts of our readers. 

We offer an ever-expanding collection of resources to help unite a conscious community of fierce individuals who will share their authentic voices and inspire intentional living across the globe.  These resources currently include our books, podcasts, and workshops. We plan to add video content, eBooks, webinars, and online classes. We see this community supporting one another as we all fancy the craft of ‘Speaking our lives into existence!’  How is the story you are currently authoring moving you along in your journey of life?

The vision of Cool Creative Press began when I was a young girl who dreamed in words. My love of books and learning led me to my first Young Author’s Conference back in the early eighties. It was here that I explored just how much I enjoy crafting and sharing my work with others.

Fast forward to 2017, and this dream has become a reality. A simple wish grew into Cool Creative Press where we are stimulated by stories that unite, share, and inspire. Each voice matters because we are all architects of living. We are touched by real-life accounts of loving, losing, and continual moments of illumination. Cool Creative Press acknowledges that we are each walking a path motivated by seen and unseen elements, and along this journey we want to know what sparks your attention and increases your perspective.

Cool Creative Press helps individuals to thrive in the midst of their storytelling. We are interested in highlighting a collaborative partnership within our community and are interested in collectively inspiring change and bringing awareness to the ways in which we are living our daily lives. 

Have a story to share? Contact us at for opportunities to be included on our podcast or blog.

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