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Welcome to Sweetly Speaking: Authoring a Fierce Life friends!  My name is Sarah Dickey and I am so excited to connect with all of you.  I am a heart that is dedicated to elevating the world around me and choosing fierceness!  I want my legacy to have a global impact.  I want us to all wake up to how we are authoring the stories of our lives!  Sweetly Speaking is dedicated to sharing creativity, cultivating awareness and capturing beauty.  Throughout our time together we will dive into such topics as personal growth, spirituality, self-care, congruency, and exploring our emotions.  Hopefully this intro will help you to dream big.  Maybe it will give you space to sit with your wounds.  I share how grief is becoming my superpower!  Cheers to all the ways in which we author a fierce life!  All the gratitude for you!

Guest: Host of Sweetly Speaking; Sarah Dickey

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  1. Can’t wait to hear more! This intro episode definitely has me excited for the content you’ll cover. Thanks for being so vulnerable and genuine while sharing your experiences, talents and education with us. Staying tuned 😉

  2. How exciting!! Looking forward to many, many, many more of your wonder-full, heart centered podcasts. ?

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