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Cool Creative Press endeavors to connect with authors and dreamers alike who are looking to impact the social, spiritual, and inspirational landscape of our time. CCP believes in the potency of leaning into the philosophical question posed by poet Mary Oliver, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

At Cool Creative Press we seek to work in a collaborative way with writers in the new millennia of hybrid publishing. Our magnetic pull essentially draws us to work with authors who conspire to create an authentic partnership throughout the process. We envision that your work has arisen from a deep part of your heart, and because of that our relationship is both professional and personal. Our interactions are tailored to meet the vision of our clients who we see as innovators, agents of change, and great discoverers. At the core of our relationship with you, we have an eagerness in growing your strengths, co-facilitating your successes, and continually amplifying your resilience as a writer.

CCP will work with you on the marketing of your book, gaining clarity and visioning around your target audience. Our organization offers support on all levels of development. Over the course of our relationship we see you playing a large role in the marketing of your book. Because we strive to create quality products and services, the journey of creation organically unfolds for each client.

Our headquarters are in northeast Ohio, but because of the vast and limitless advances of technology we can work with clients throughout the U.S. and in all corners of the globe. Our belief is in creating a healthy family structure within our organization. CCP collectively strives to embody our designated roles and work with one another to support a conscious experience. Comfort is at the forefront of our vision, the kind that one might experience at a beloved relative’s home. We want you to make yourself at home at Cool Creative Press.

We also believe in flexibility; rolling with the ebbs and flows of life. How can we translate this element within our collaborative partnership? At CCP, integrity arises from generating fierceness within our relationship. We are fiercely compassionate, elaborate communicators, and transparent advocates of truth as we take quantum steps to help you realize your dreams.

In the near future, we will be spreading our wings and offering webinars and classes to support the culture and cohesiveness of our community. Our platform arises from a deep seated knowing that our voices can affect our ever-changing world. We see that love, awareness, vulnerability, and courage are fierce qualities to cultivate throughout one’s life. At Cool Creative Press, we totally dig these virtues just like a Yogi digs stretchy pants, or a barista digs a good cup of Joe.

Authors are invited to come together and create a community of positivity and impact in our world. We are not currently accepting submissions, but stay tuned as Cool Creative Press takes their company to the next level. Please sign up for our newsletter so that we can stay in touch and keep you posted on the awesome happenings within our community!

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