Wisdom from 1820 Candle Co.

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Melissa Smith founder and creative visionary of 1820 Candle Co. reminds us that life offers us adversities, but it is in those moments when we are able to allow our best selves to shine through.  This candle artisan shares her struggles as well as her joys.  She keeps it real and inspiring!  She reminds us to tap into the freedom of living our most authentic life.  Her work is curated by her love of nature, music and design.  She shares her shimmering heart in our time together, and reminds all of us to define success in our individual lives.  For her success looks like doing what you love every single day!  How about you?
Contact Information:
Instagram: 1820House
Facebook: 1820House
Physical Address:
135 N. Market Street
East Palestine, Ohio 44413

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