Wise Woman Educator


Laura Purnell, Ph.D., ACHT, offers experiential training programs and transformational coaching focused on heart-centered living and leading. Her work helps individuals and teams take leadership, wellness and consciousness to new heights as they work toward meaningful outcomes. This wise woman is sharing her passion for education in a whole new way.    She is out in the world educating adults about well being.  Inviting her clients to build up their energy reserves and to remain in the present moment.  She takes Stephen Covey’s vantage point of growing a culture that is aware of ‘energy management,’ rather than ‘time management.’  As you move towards 2020, she offers the rich intention to notice how we are showing up in our lives.  What signals are we sending out to the world?  She helps us to notice our heart vibes.  Stay tuned for inspiration with Dr. Laura Purnell.

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